Hasan Arslan

Hasan Arslan

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
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About Hasan Arslan

Educational Background

  • B.S., Middle East Technical University
  • Ph.D., Cornell University

Scholarly Interests

  • Polymer chemistry
  • Synthetic macrocycles
  • Reversible binding
  • Photophysical and redox properties of conjugated systems

Selected Publications

** denotes undergraduate coauthor

Lipke, M. C.; Cheng, T.; Wu, Y.; Arslan, H.; Xiao, H.; Goddard, W.; Wasielewski, M.; Stoddart, J. F. “Size-Matched Radical Multivalency” J. Am. Chem. Soc.2017, 139, 3986–3998.

Gao, J.; Uribe-Romo, F. J.; Saathoff, J. D.; Arslan, H.; Crick, C. R.; Hein, S. J.; Itin, B.; Clancy, P.; Dichtel, W. R.; Loo, Y. L. “Ambipolar Transport in Solution-Synthesized Graphene Nanoribbons” ACS Nano. 2016, 10, 4847‒4856.

Arslan, H.; Walker, K. L.**; Dichtel, W. R. “Regioselective Asao–Yamamoto Benzannulations of Diaryl Acetylenes.” Org. Lett. 2014, 16, 5926‒5929.

Hein, S. J.; Arslan, H.; Keresztes, I.; Dichtel, W. R. “Rapid Synthesis of Crowded Aromatic Architectures from Silyl Acetylenes.” Org. Lett. 2014, 16, 4416‒4419.

Arslan, H.; Uribe-Romo, F. J.; Smith, B. J.; Dichtel, W.R. “Accessing Extended and Partially Fused Hexabenzocoronenes Using a Benzannulation–Cyclodehydrogenation Approach.” Chem. Sci. 2013, 4, 3973‒3978.

Arslan, H.; Saathoff, J. D.; Bunck, D. N.; Clancy, P.; Dichtel, W. R. “Highly Efficient Benzannulation of poly(phenylene ethynylene)s.” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 51, 12051‒12054.

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