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Heidi Lorimor

Associate Professor of Linguistics
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About Heidi Lorimor

Director, Bucknell's Linguistic Lab


  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007

Research Interests

The psychological processes involved in language production and comprehension, including syntactic priming, word-level errors, disfluencies, and how agreement is computed, with a special focus on the influences of experience, word order, conceptual information, and morphology on agreement.

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  • FOUN 098 Our Brains -- Our Selves (W1)
    This W1 course is designed to develop writing, reading, speaking, listening, and information literacy skills at the collegiate level. At the same time, we will investigate how the brain works and what this teaches us about being human.
  • LING 105 Linguistic Analysis: Sounds & Words
    One semester of a two-semester introduction to linguistics. Topics include: phonetics, phonology, word forms, language change, language acquisition. [I've developed an invented language assignment to correspond to each of the major units (phonetics, phonology, morphology).]
  • LING 205 Phonetics and Phonology
    An investigation into the articulatory and acoustic properties and patterns of speech sounds, with application to speech pathology, processing and phonological theory. 
  • LING 206 Morphology
    Explores the mental lexicon, the internal structure of words, and the processes by which words are formed in a wide variety of languages. 
  • LING 220 Bilingualism
    An examination of the psychological and social factors involved in the acquisition and use of two or more languages across the lifespan. Topics will also include language contact and bilingual education.
  • LING 230 Psycholinguistics
    Analysis of psychological processes involved in language. Topics include language production and perception in children, adults, bilinguals, and exceptional populations.
  • LING 237 Intro to Language Development (Crosslisted as PSYC 237)
    Survey of the mechanisms involved in language development. Topics include the stages in language development, theoretical approaches to language development, the biological bases of language, and atypical language development.
  • LING 319 Undergraduate Research
    Research in psycholinguistics. Research topics may be posed by students or faculty. 
  • LING 325 Language and the Brain (W2)
    An examination of the physical basis for language. Topics include the nature of language as a cognitive faculty, atypical language development in childhood, and acquired aphasia.
  • LING 330 Advanced Topics in Psycholinguistics (W2)
    Advanced study in psycholinguistics. Includes topics such as language production, language comprehension, and bilingualism. 

Selected Publications

Lorimor, H., Jackson, C. N., & van Hell, J. G. (2018). The interaction of notional number and morphophonology in subject-verb agreement: A role for working memory. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Lorimor, H., Adams, N., & Middleton, E. M. (2018). Agreement with conjoined NPs reflects language experience. Frontiers in Psychology: Language Sciences9, 489. 

Lorimor, H., Jackson, C. N., Spalek, K., & Van Hell, J. G. (2016). The impact of notional number and grammatical gender on agreement with conjoined noun phrases. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience

Lorimor, H., Jackson, C. N., & Foote, R. (2015). How gender affects number: Cue-based retrieval in agreement production. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 30947-954.  

Lorimor, Heidi. (2009). "Sentence Coordination." in Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Vol 4. KeesVersteegh, ed.

Lorimor, Heidi, J. Kathryn Bock, E. Zalkind, A. Sheyman, and R. Beard. (2008). "Number Agreement and Attraction in Russian." Language and Cognitive Processes 23, 769-799. 

Lorimor, H. (2007). Conjunctions and grammatical agreement: When wholes differ from the sum of their parts. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. University of Illinois. pdf

Benmamoun, Elabbas and Heidi Lorimor. (2006). "Featureless Expressions: When Morphological Markers are Absent." Linguistic Inquiry 37(1), 1-23.

Lorimor, Heidi. (2005). "Agreement Alternations: How Optional Patterns of Agreement Arise." Perspectives In Arabic Linguistics XVII- XVIII. Elabbas Benmamoun and Mohammad T. Alhawary, eds. John Benjamins Press. 222-239.


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"Producing Subject-Verb Agreement with Conjoined Subject Noun Phrases." Paper presented at the Beckman Institute Graduate Seminar. May 10, 2006. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


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"Language Choice for African Literature." Paper presented at the Africa-in-Academics Student Association Conference. March 1, 2003. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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