Jenna Christian

Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's & Gender Studies

About Jenna Christian

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Defended May 2018 (Graduation pending), Geography and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Penn State University. Dissertation: Making a Military: Race, Citizenship, and a School-to-Military Pipeline in Houston, Texas
  • M.S. 2012, Geography and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Penn State University. Thesis: Postwar Transformations: Women and the Work of Peace in Postwar Liberia.
  • B.S. 2010, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Research Interests

  • Feminist theory
  • Feminist political geography
  • U.S. military and militarization
  • Race and citizenship
  • War and peace studies
  • Policing and mass incarceration
  • U.S. Urban geography and Houston
  • Education
  • Arts-based methods
  • Activist scholarship

Bucknell Courses

  • WMST 150 (Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies)
  • WMST 227 (Race & Sexuality)
  • WMST 270 (Violence, War, and Feminist Thought) — Spring 2019
  • WMST 370 (Race, Citizenship, and the Politics of Belonging in the US) — Spring 2019

Current Projects

My research broadly engages feminist theory, critical human geography, and critical race theories in the study of the U.S. military, race, citizenship, war, education, social movements, and everyday geopolitical processes. My most recent work examined the relationship between military recruiting and enlistment and contemporary racial justice politics in Houston, Texas. Using long-term ethnographic research, I examined military educational programming (specifically the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps), military recruiting targeting youth, and youth enlistment decisions in relation to the raced and classed opportunities in their lives. In considering how the military mobilizes ideas “good” and “deserving” citizens in recruitment efforts, and I also worked closely with activist groups responding racialized criminalization and the systemic denial of citizenship, including Black Lives Matter and immigration activists. My research reveals how raced, classed, and gendered notions of citizenship and belonging are reflected in both state violence in the city and in the reproduction of the national military. A key aspect of my work includes the creation of visual art and comics, which I use to disseminate my research to public audiences.

Selected Publications

(Forthcoming) Dowler, Lorraine and Jenna Christian. Landscapes of Impunity and the Deaths of LaVena Johnson and Sandra Bland. Gender, Place and Culture.

(Forthcoming) Christian, Jenna and Lorraine Dowler. The Gendered Binary: A Feminist Critique of Slow/Fast Violence. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies.

(Forthcoming) Christian, Jenna. A Comic Essay: Military Patriotism and the JROTC. Bank Street Occasional Paper Series.[For Special Issue "Education and Patriotism"]

(Forthcoming) Dowler, Lorraine, Dana Cuomo, Azita Ranjbar, Nicole Laliberte, and Jenna Christian. Radical Care. Antipode. [For Special Issue: Antipode 50 Year Anniversary]

(2016 ) Christian, Jenna, Lorraine Dowler, and Dana Cuomo. Learning to Fear: Feminist Geopolitics and the Hot and Banal. Political Geography. 54: 64-72.

(2014) Dowler, Lorraine, Jenna Christian, and Azita Ranjbar. A feminist visualization of the intimate spaces of security. Area. 46(4): 347-349.

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