John Westbrook

Associate Professor of French

About John Westbrook

Educational Background

  • B.A. French Literature, Carleton College ( Magna Cum Laude)
  • M.A., French Studies, New York University, Institute of French Studies (with distinction)
  • Joint Ph.D., New York University, Department of French ­ Institute of French Studies

Research Interests

  • Surrealism and the interwar avant­garde
  • Sociological approaches to literature
  • History of education in France
  • Food and identity
  • Teaching of contemporary French civilization

Selected Publications


"Seductive Theories: Roger Caillois, Inquisitions, and the Performative Intellectual" in Modernist Group Dynamics: The Politics and Poetics of Friendship, edited by Fabio Akcelrud Durao and Dominic Williams. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008, 145­171.


"Three Strategies for Promoting Intellectual Engagement in Advanced Undergraduate Seminars." With Logan Connors and Nathalie Dupont. The French Review. 87.4 (2014): 111­126.

"From Cultural Machines to Dematerialized Cultures: Promoting the Primitive at the Trocadéro and the Quai Branly." Contemporary French Civilization 33­1 (2009): 47­71.

"Reorienting Surrealism," The French Review 81­4 (2008): 707­718.

"Michel Leiris et les 'sciences de l'erreur': le passage occulte du surréalisme à l'ethnographie," for Mélusine 27 (2007): 77­86.


"Visualizing Hybrid Literary-Academic Intellectual Communities in Interwar France: Forms and Forums of Innovation." Digital Curiosities Seminar. Modernist Studies Association, Las Vegas, NV (October 2012)

"Academic Avant-Garde Networks in Interwar Paris." Modernist Studies Association, Victoria, B.C. (November 2010)

"Burning Through Breton and Bataille: Jules Monnerot‟s Vesicant Sociology of the Sacred." Modernist Studies Association, Montreal (November 2009).

"Inventing Shadows: Surrealist Epistemology in 1925." American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard University (March 2009).

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