Karen Morin

Karen Morin

Special Assistant, Middle States Reaccreditation
Professor of Geography, Presidential Professor of Geography (2010-2013)
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About Karen Morin

During the 2022-2023 academic year Karen Morin will be assisting the Provost’s office with Bucknell’s Middle States Reaccreditation.

A Professor of Geography, Morin's latest book is Cattle Trails and Animal Lives: The Founding of an American Carceral Archipelago (coming out with University of Georgia Press). This book explores the forced migration and lived experiences of bovine animals within a ‘rural carceral archipelago’ of cattle trails and cow towns that comprised the emergent U.S. beef industry. Recent (related) works available on-line include:

Syndicate Forum on Carceral Space, Prisoners and Animals (2021) https://syndicate.network/symposia/philosophy/carceral-space-prisoners-and-animals/

Carceral LogicsBovine Lives and the Making of a Nineteenth-Century American Carceral Archipelago (2022) 


Morin’s other books include Women, Religion, & Space: Global Perspectives on Gender and Faith (co-edited, 2007); Frontiers of Femininity: A New Historical Geography of the Nineteenth-Century American West (2008); Civic Discipline: Geography in America, 1860-1890 (2011; reissued 2016); Historical Geographies of Prisons: Unlocking the Usable Carceral Past (co-edited, 2015); and Carceral Space, Prisoners and Animals (2018).


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