Katherine Faull

Katherine Faull

Associate Provost Faculty Director for Civic Engagement
Director for Community Engaged Learning and Research
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About Katherine Faull

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Princeton University
  • M.A., King's College
  • B.A., King's College

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental humanities
  • Autobiography
  • Native American Studies
  • Literary and cultural theory
  • Translation studies
  • Religion and gender
  • Race and gender studies
  • German literature since 175
  • German intellectual history
  • Western humanities

Teaching Experience in the Comparative Humanities Program

  • Myth, Reason, Faith (Western Humanities from Homer to Medieval Period)
  • Art, Nature, Knowledge (Western Humanities from Renaissance to 19th Century)
  • Nihilism, Modernism, Uncertainty (Western Humanities from Nietzsche to Post-Colonialism)
  • Studies in Autobiography; Advanced seminar for majors (also Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Introduction to Translation Studies; Advanced seminar for majors
  • History of Sexuality; Advanced seminar for majors
  • Women, Gender, Enlightenment; Advanced seminar for majors in Comparative Humanities and Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Nature and the Enlightenment; Advanced seminar on European, Colonial American and Native perspectives on nature in the region of the Susquehanna River

Selected Publications


Masculinities, Senses, Spirit, ed. Katherine Faull, in Aperçus (2011) Bucknell University Press

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Katherine Faull,Moravian Women's Memoirs: their Related Lives 1750-1820 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1997)

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Faull, Katherine. “Instructions for Body and Soul: Eighteenth Century Moravian Care of the Self”, The Hinge: International Theological Dialog for the Moravian Church 18:2 (Spring 2012): 3-28; responses 29-38. Print. http://issuu.com/moravianseminary/docs/hinge_18.2

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Essays on "Novalis," "Georg Büchner" and "Christa Wolf" in Encyclopedia of Literary Translation, ed. Olive Classe (London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2000)

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Cultures at the Confluence: The Moravian Mission Diary at Shamokin Pennsylvania 1742-55, an edition and translation to appear in the Bucknell University Press series “Stories of the Susquehanna”

Speaking of the Body: Physical Theology in the Eighteenth Century Moravian Church, edition and translation by Katherine Faull to appear in the series Pietist, Moravian, and Anabaptist Studies, Penn State University Press

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