Lucas Waddell

Lucas Waddell

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Operations Research
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About Lucas Waddell

Prior to joining the Bucknell faculty in 2018, I spent three years as an Operations Research Analyst at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. While at Sandia, I worked on large-scale decision support problems for various national security applications.

Educational Background

  • Clemson University, Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences
  • Clemson University, M.S. in Mathematical Sciences
  • Grove City College, B.S. in Mathematics

Research interests

My research lies in the field of discrete optimization. Specifically, I study nonlinear combinatorial optimization problems, which boast many important applications but have proven to be incredibly difficult to solve. Some of my recent work has focused on the Quadratic Assignment Problem and the Cubic Knapsack Problem. I also enjoy working on applied Operations Research problems. Recently, Professor Matt Bailey (Bucknell Professor of Analytics and Operations Management) and I developed a cost-free optimization tool to help Hopeful Journeys, a school for children with autism spectrum disorders, improve their daily scheduling process.

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