Lynn Breyfogle

Lynn Breyfogle

Interim Special Advisor to the Vice President of Student Enrollment, Engagement & Success
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About Lynn Breyfogle

M. Lynn Breyfogle was a high school mathematics teacher when she felt called to help improve mathematics teaching by working with future and practicing mathematics teachers. She completed her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at Western Michigan University in 2001, and has taught in the Mathematics Department at Bucknell for 11 years before becoming Associate Dean in 2012. She taught courses on Calculus, Secondary School Mathematics Methods, Introduction to Mathematical Thought, Geometry and Statistics for Elementary Teachers, and Foundation Seminars. Dean Breyfogle has provided ongoing professional development to mathematics teachers in 12 school districts in central PA and hosted two very successful Mathematics Teacher conferences on Bucknell's campus for the 17 public school districts in the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit. Her research has focused on changing pre-service and in-service teachers' beliefs about mathematics and supporting effective classroom discourse. She is presently beginning work on issues of white privilege in mathematics teacher education.

Dean Breyfogle has served in a variety of capacities within the university and in professional organizations. At Bucknell she served a 3-year term as Writing Program Director, chaired the Composition Council from 2010-2012, and served on the initial College Core Curriculum (CCC) Committee to implement the new curriculum. For the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, she served on the Board of Directors, elected to the position of Secretary for 2008-2011 and served as the Chair of the Common Core State Standards Task Force for the same organization. For the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, she is serving a 3-year term on the editorial panel for the publication Teaching Children Mathematics ending in 2014.

Dean Breyfogle has primary responsibility for the needs of first-year and sophomore students, including advising, appropriate course offerings, and coordination with academic programs for first-year students such as Residential Colleges and Foundation Seminars. Her duties include counseling students, attending to the needs of students with disabilities, initiating official University actions on student progress, serving as a liaison to faculty members and departments on advising and other student issues, working with departments and the Registrar's Office on developing the entering student class schedule and registration materials, working with student services on the living-learning climate, and representing the Dean on University committees dealing with policy on student and academic issues. She also handles matters relating to academic irresponsibility in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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