Margot Vigeant

Margot Vigeant

Professor of Chemical Engineering
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Educational Background

  • B.S., Cornell University
  • M.S., University of Virginia
  • Ph.D., University of Virginia

Teaching Experience

  • Bucknell University, 1999 - present

Teaching Specialties

  • First-year engineering
  • Chemical engineering thermodynamics
  • Bioprocess engineering

Research Interests

  • Chemical engineering pedagogy
  • Modeling of small molecule transport in microdialysis
  • Bacterial adhesion and total internal reflection microscopy


  • 2009 Ray W. Fahien Award for Teaching Excellence and Contribution to Chemical Engineering Education, American Society for Engineering Education
  • 1999 Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Studies, University of Virginia

Selected Publications

Vigeant, M. and R. Ford.; "Interactions Between Motile Escherichia Coli and Glass in Media with Various Ionic Strengths, as Observed with a Three-Dimensional-Tracking Microscope." Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (1997) 63, 3474-3479.

Prince, M., Vigeant, M., Nottis, K.  Assessing Misconceptions of Undergraduate Engineering Students in the Thermal Sciences Accepted, May 2009, to International Journal of Engineering Education.

Prince, M. and Vigeant, M.  A Preliminary Study on the Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Activities for Addressing Misconceptions of Undergraduate Engineering Students. Accepted, publication pending June 2009, Education for Chemical Engineers.

Schloss, J. and Vigeant, M. Modeling Microdialysis in the Rat Brain.  Presented to McNay group, SUNY Albany Department of Psychology, Albany, NY. July, 2009.

Vigeant, M., Maneval, J., Snyder, W., Hanyak, M., Prince, M.: Hands-On Chemical Engineering Senior Design: the Evolution from Paper to Practice.  ASEE Conference Proceedings (2008), Pittsburgh, PA.

Armitage, J., T. Pitta, M. Vigeant, H. Packer, and R. Ford; "Transformations in Flagellar Structure in Rhotobacter Sphaeroidesand Their Possible Relationship to Changes in Swimming Speed." J. Bacteriol (1999) 181, 4825-4833.


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