Maria Antonaccio

(2013-2016) Presidential Professor of Religious Studies; Bucknell Humanities Cen
Director of Bucknell Humanities Center, Professor of Religious Studies, Faculty Affiliate, Environmental

About Maria Antonaccio

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of Chicago

Research Interests

  • changing status of nature and of normative appeals to nature in ethical inquiry

Teaching Interests

  • western religious and philosophical ethics
  • contemporary Christian ethics
  • environmental ethics, with occasional offerings in bioethics and the ethics of consumption

Selected Publications


Antonaccio, Maria. 2013. Picturing the Human: The Moral Thought of Iris Murdoch. Oxford University Press, USA

Antonaccio, Maria. 2013. A Philosophy to Live By: Engaging Iris Murdoch. Oxford University Press, USA

Antonaccio, Maria and William Schweiker eds.1996. Iris Murdoch and the Search for Human Goodness University of Chicago Press, USA

Further Information

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207 Hildreth-Mirza Hall