Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey

Christian R Lindback Chair in Business Administration and Professor of Analytics & Operations Management
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Educational Background

  • M.S., Ph.D., Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • B.S., Purdue

Research Interests

  • Applied Operations Research:
          Medical decision making
          Health care delivery
          Perimeter security
          Production line design
          Spreadsheet modeling
  • Methodological Operations Research: 
          Markov decision processes
          Dynamic Programming
          Network interdiction

Teaching Interests

  • Business analytics and operations

Selected Publications

Chen, Chun-Miin, and Matthew David Bailey. 2018. "Game-Introduction To Reverse Auctions: The BucknellAuto Game" 18 (2). INFORMS Transactions on Education: 116-26.

Chen, Chun-Miin, and Matthew David Bailey. 2016. "Introducing B2B Service Level Measures Via a Poker-Card Activity" 14 (1). Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education: 37-50.

Devapriya, P, C Stromblad, Matthew David Bailey, S Frazier, J Bulger, S Kemberling, and K Wood. 2015. "StratBAM: A Discrete-Event Simulation Model To Support Strategic Hospital Bed Capacity Decisions" 39 (10). Journal of Medical Systems: 1-13.

Stromblad, C, B Cyprich, R Dravenstott, Matthew David Bailey, and P Devapriya. 2014. "SCORE: A Surgical Schedule Evaluation Approach Incorporating System-Wide Performance Metrics." In , edited by Y. Guan and H. Liao. Proceedings of the 2014 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference.


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