Melissa Intindola

Melissa Intindola

Associate Professor of Management & Organizations
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About Melissa Intindola


  • PhD, Business Administration, New Mexico State University, 2015.
  • MBA, Business Administration, Indiana University Southeast, 2010.
  • BSBA, Management and Marketing, Indiana University Southeast, 2008.

Recent and Representative Publications

Intindola, M., Stamper, C., (2023) HRM and Disenfranchisement: Working Beyond Organizational Boundaries to Tackle Societal Barriers. Human Resource Management Review. 33(3), 100965.

Akingbola, K., Rogers, S., Intindola, M., (2022) Employee Engagement in Nonprofit Organizations – Theory and Practice. Palgrave Macmillan.

Vendette, S., Spiller, C., Helmuth, C., Intindola, M., (2022) Reconstructing Authenticity Through a Multi-Paradigmatic Umbrella: A Process Perspective. Leadership. 18(6), 775-800.

Intindola, M., Ofstein, L., (2021) Change through Chaos: Using Bricolage in Cross-Sector Social Partnerships. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship. 24(2), 122-136.

Pittz, T., Intindola, M., (2021) Scaling Social Innovation Through Cross-Sector Social Partnerships: Driving Optimal Performance. https://… Emerald Publishing Limited.

Intindola, M., Pittz, G. T., Rogers, E. S., Weisinger, Y. J., (2020) Partner Selection in Social Entrepreneurship Collectives: How Team Selection Control Can Enhance Satisfaction in Cross-Sector Social Partnerships. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship. 11(3), 343-368.

Pittz, G. T., Intindola, M., Adler, T., Rogers, S., Gard, C., (2019) Collaborating Smartly: The Role of Open Strategy in Absorptive Capacity. Journal of Small Business Management. 57(4), 1595-1615.

Intindola, M., Lewis, G., Flinchbaugh, C., Rogers, E. S., (2019) Web-based recruiting's impact on organizational image and familiarity: too much of a good thing?. International Journal of Human Resource Management. 30(19), 2732-2753.

Ross, P. J., Intindola, M., Boje, M. D., (2017) It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times: The Expiration of Work-Life Balance. Journal of Management Inquiry. 26(2), 202-215.

Intindola, M., Weisinger, Y. J., Benson, P., Pittz, T., (2017) The evolution of devolution in HR. Personnel Review. 46(8), 1796-1815.

Rogers, E. S., Jiang, K., Rogers, M. C., Intindola, M., (2016) Strategic Human Resource Management of Volunteers and the Link to Hospital Patient Satisfaction. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 45(2), 409-424.

Recent Courses Taught

  • MGMT 101, Intro to Organizatn/Management.
  • MORS 302, Responsible Management.
  • MORS 310, Talent Acquisition & Develop.
  • MORS 250, Poverty and Organizations.
  • MGMT 302, The Stakeholder Organization.

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