Nate Siegel

Nate Siegel

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Associate Co-Chair
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Educational Background

  • B.S., Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • M.S., San Diego State University
  • Ph.D., Virginia Tech

Research Interests

  • Energy conversion technologies
  • Energy conservation and efficiency
  • Solar power and fuels
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Fuel cells
  • Optics
  • Atmospheric water extraction
  • Solar Desalination


  • Fluid Mechanics (MECH 313)
  • Heat Transfer (MECH 312)
  • Senior Design (MECH 401/402)
  • Concentrating Solar Power
  • Thermodynamics (MECH 213)
  • Solar Energy Technologies (MECH 420)
  • Building Your IDEAS (ENGR 252)
  • Graphics for Design and Manufacture (MECH 202)

Research Projects

Professional Memberships and Certifications:

  • Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, New Mexico, 2011
  • American Society for Engineering Education

Selected Publications

Siegel, N.P., Gross, M.D., Coury, R., The Development of Direct Absorption and Storage Media for Falling Particle Solar Central Receivers, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 2015, vol.137.

Ermanoski, I., Siegel, N.P., Stechel, E.B, A New Reactor Concept for Efficiency Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 2013, vol. 135(3).

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Siegel, N.P., "Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Thermal Power Production", Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews, accepted for publication, 2011.

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Siegel, N. P., & Roba, J. P. (2018). “Design, Modeling, and Characterization of a 10 kWe Metal Halide High Flux Solar Simulator.” Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 140(4), 045001.

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