Neil Boyd

Neil Boyd

David J. '85 & Deborah West Professor in Management, and Professor of Management & Organizations
Management & Organizations Department Chair
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About Neil Boyd


  • PhD, Public Administration, Organization Development & Change, Public Management, Human Resource Management, Community Psychology, Research Methods & Statistics, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003.
  • MBA, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Research Methods & Statistics, The Pennsylvania State University, 1992.
  • MA, Experimental Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Learning Theory, University of Notre Dame, 1990.
  • BA, Psychology, Bloomsburg University, 1986.

Recent and Representative Publications

Jonsen, R., Boyd, M. N., Oikelome, F., Trimble, D., (2022) Community experiences in the strategic human resource management black box. Journal of Community Psychology. 1-28.

Boyd, M. N., Larson, S., (2022) Organizational Cultures that Support Community: Does the Competing Values Framework Help Us Understand Community Experience at Work?. Journal of Community Psychology.

Boyd, M. N., Martin, C. E., (2022) Sense of Community Responsibility at the Forefront of Crisis Management. Administrative Theory & Praxis. 44(1), 71-83.

Boyd, M. N., Nowell, B., (2022) Responsibility Toward Others is Vital in Public & Non-Profit Organizations: So how do we Cultivate it?. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bowers, B., Boyd, M. N., McGoun, G. E., (2020) Greenbacks, Green Banks, and Greenwashing via LEED: Assessing Banks' Performance in Sustainable Construction. Sustainability. 13(5), 208-217.

Boyd, M. N., Liu, X., Horissian, K., (2020) Impact of Community Experiences on Student Retention Perceptions and Satisfaction in Higher Education. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice. 152102512091643.

Prati, G., Procentese, F., Albanesi, C., Cicognani, E., Fedi, A., Gatti, F., Mannarini, T., Rochira, A., Tartaglia, S., Boyd, M. N., Nowell, B., Gattino, S., (2020) Psychometric properties of the Italian version of the sense of community responsibility scale. Journal of Community Psychology. 48(6), 1770-1790.

Boyd, M. N., Nowell, B., (2020) Sense of community, sense of community responsibility, organizational commitment and identification, and public service motivation: a simultaneous test of affective states on employee well-being and engagement in a public service work context. Public Management Review. 22(7), 1024-1050.

Boyd, M. N., Nowell, B., (2018) Community at Work: Sensing Community Through Needs Fulfillment and Responsibility. 25-39. Springer International Publishing.

Boyd, M. N., Nowell, B., Yang, Z., Hano, C. M., (2018) Sense of Community, Sense of Community Responsibility, and Public Service Motivation as Predictors of Employee Well-Being and Engagement in Public Service Organizations. The American Review of Public Administration. 48(5), 428-443.

Nowell, B., Izod, M. A., Ngaruiya, M. K., Boyd, M. N., (2016) Public Service Motivation and Sense of Community Responsibility: Comparing Two Motivational Constructs in Understanding Leadership Within Community Collaboratives. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 26(4), 663-676.

Boyd, M. N., Nowell, B., (2014) Psychological Sense of Community: A New Construct for the Field of Management. Journal of Management Inquiry. 23(2), 107-122.

Boyd, M. N., (2009) Administrative reform in the states. Public Administration Quarterly. 33(2), 155-163.

Boyd, M. N., (2009) Implementing large-scale organization development and change in the states. Public Administration Quarterly. 32(2), 233-270.

Recent Courses Taught

  • UNIV 200, Integrated Perspectives Course.
  • MGMT 100, Exploring Management.
  • MORS 400, Management Consulting.
  • MORS 324, Organizational Forms.
  • MORS 325, Perf Mgmt, Measurement & Reptg.
  • MGMT 101, Intro to Organizatn/Management.
  • MSUS 315, Advanced Topics in MSUS.
  • MSUS 400, Management Consulting.
  • MSUS 400, Sustainability Action Learn..
  • MSUS 330, Sustainable Human Res Mgmt.
  • MGMT 100, Mgmt Past, Present and Future.
  • MSUS 200, Managing for Sustainability I.
  • MGMT 304, The Strategic Organization.

Awards and Honors

  • Campus Sustainability Champion, Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium, (2020).
  • Barry R. Maxwell Award, Bucknell University, (2017).
  • University Faculty Fellow, Bucknell University, (2017).
  • C. Graydon and Mary E. Rogers Faculty Fellow Award, Bucknell University, (2014).
  • 2005 James Jordan Award for Teaching Excellence, Penn State University, (2005).

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