Peter Jansson

Peter Jansson

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
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About Peter Jansson

My passion is ...
advancing the knowledge and technologies that make sustainable living affordable on planet Earth.

I was excited to research the fundamental innovations in the electric power industry at the University of Cambridge while completing my PhD there after completing my Master’s degree in the ECE department of Rowan University. My passion for engineering and sustainability was ignited during my undergraduate engineering education focusing on systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I love developing new courses and pedagogy and over the past 15 years in my academic career I developed multiple electric power systems courses, renewable energy systems courses and sustainable design in engineering pedagogy. I also love teaching abroad ­ particularly in England and Costa Rica. My research passion includes: Residential Smart Grid development, Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Systems, Photovoltaic System Design and Optimization, Improving Efficiency and Cost of Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability for Large Commercial Enterprises, Carbon Neutrality Plan Development and Implementation, Sustainable Transportation, and Mach’s Principle. As a registered professional engineer in the states of PA and NJ I love to consult on all major aspects of the electric power systems and renewable energy. I had an exciting career as an engineer, manager and executive in the electric power industry for nearly 20 years before entering academe.

Favorite Out of Class Activities/Interests

  • I love to play the guitar and lead worship in the Bucknell Chapel
  • My wife and I are building a living, edible landscape at our home in Lewisburg
  • I love all kinds of sports; body surfing, tennis, watching bball
  • We love to pursue all sorts of ways to become self­sufficient and climate neutral

Educational Background

  • B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978
  • M.S., Rowan University, 1997
  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 2003

Teaching Experience

  • Adjunct Professor, Richard Stockton College of NJ, 1996 ­ 1998
  • Course Lecturer/Supervisor, University of Cambridge, 1998 ­ 2000
  • Associate Professor, Rowan University, 2001 ­ 2011
  • Associate Professor, Bucknell University, 2011 ­ present

Teaching Specialties

  • Renewable energy systems
  • Engineering clinical and design course
  • Ac and dc circuits
  • Power systems
  • Circuit theory
  • Sustainable design in engineering
  • Project based learning

Research Interests

  • Smart residential micro­grids
  • Photovoltaic system optimization
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Mach’s Principle
  • Novel energy technologies


  • Four Year Appointment ​Swanson Fellow​ at Bucknell University (September 2011 - August 2015)
  • Elected ​Visiting Fellow​ to ​Clare Hall – University of Cambridge​ (July 2009 – June 2010)
  • Tau Beta Pi​ — ​Epsilon of New Jersey inducted as a member April 2007
  • New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE)
    NJSPE — ​1993 New Jersey Young Engineer of the Year
    NJSPE — ​ ​2003 Nominee for NSPE Engineering Education Excellence Award
  • Professional Engineering Society of Southern New Jersey (PESSNJ)
    PESSNJ — ​ ​1991, 1992 Chapter Young Engineer of the Year
    PESSNJ — ​2003 Chapter Engineering Education Excellence Award
  • Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
    Philadelphia Chapter — ​2004 Energy Professional Development Award
    Association of Energy Engineers, Region 1 — ​​2006 Energy Professional Development Award
  • New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability — ​NJHEPS 2005 Advancement Fellow

Industry Experience

  • Consulting Engineer Services, Sewell, NJ, 1978 ­ 1979
  • Atlantic Energy, Egg Harbor Township, NJ, 1979 ­ 1998
  • Integrated Systems, Lewisburg, PA 1986 ­ present

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