Robyn Eversole

Howard I. Scott Professor of Practice in Social Entrepreneurship

About Robyn Eversole


  • PhD, Anthropology of Development, McGill University, 1998.
  • MA, Anthropology of Development, McGill University, 1995.
  • BA, Anthropology, Economics, Spanish, Trinity University, 1993.

Faculty Research Interests

  • Anthropology of development
  • Entrepreneurship for social change
  • Rural/ regional development

Recent and Representative Publications

Eversole, R., (2022) Crossing boundaries in rural research. Journal of Sociology. 58(2), 144-160.

Eversole, R., (2022) Regional campuses and invisible innovation: impacts of non-traditional students in ‘Regional Australia’. Regional Studies. 56(6), 909-920.

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Grocke, L. C., Eversole, R., Hawkins, J. C., (2022) The influence of place attachment on community leadership and place management. Journal of Place Management and Development. 15(3), 298-315.

Eversole, R., (2022) The latent entrepreneurs: inequality and enterprising women in the lucky country. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Eversole, R., Walo, M., (2020) Leading and following in Australian regional development: Why governance matters. Regional Science Policy & Practice. 12(2), 291-302.

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Lee, E., Eversole, R., (2019) Rethinking the regions: Indigenous peoples and regional development. Regional Studies. 53(11), 1509-1519.

Barraket, J., Eversole, R., Luke, B., Barth, S., (2019) Resourcefulness of locally-oriented social enterprises: Implications for rural community development. Journal of Rural Studies. 70, 188-197.

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