Scott Meinke

Scott Meinke

Professor of Political Science
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About Scott Meinke

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • B.A., Wittenberg University

Research and Teaching Interests

  • U.S. Congress and legislative politics
  • Judicial politics
  • American presidency

Courses Typically Offered

  • POLS 240: American Congress
  • POLS 242: Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
  • POLS 243: The American Presidency
  • POLS 244: American Judicial Politics
  • POLS 372: Polarization in America
  • POLS 375: Analyzing Legislatures

Selected Publications


Scott R. Meinke. 2023. The Origins and Consequences of Congressional Party Election Agendas. Cambridge University Press, Elements in American Politics Series.

Scott R. Meinke. 2016. Leadership Organizations in the House of Representatives: Party Participation and Partisan Politics. University of Michigan Press.


Scott R. Meinke. 2023. “How Congressional Leaders Define Loyalty: Validating US House Party Voting Scores with Party Leadership Records.” Journal of Legislative Studies.

Scott R. Meinke. 2022. “The Rise of Multiple-Measures Rules in the House of Representatives.” Congress and the Presidency 49:31-59.

Scott R. Meinke. 2019. “Rising to Leadership in an Era of Political Change: Bob Michel and the 1970s House Minority Party.” In Robert H. Michel: Leading the Republican House Minority, Frank H. Mackaman and Sean Q Kelly, eds. University of Kansas Press.

Scott R. Meinke. 2018. "Distributive Politics and Party Participation in the U.S. House." American Politics Research 46:671-694.

Alexis Leanna Henshaw and Scott R. Meinke. 2018. "Data Analysis and Data Visualization as Active Learning in Political Science." Journal of Political Science Education 14:423-439.

Scott R. Meinke. 2014. "The Changing Roles of House Party Leadership Organizations: The House Republican Policy Committee." Congress and the Presidency 41:190-222.

Scott R. Meinke. 2013. "Congressional Endorsements in the Presidential Nomination Process: Democratic Superdelegates in the 2008 Election." American Politics Research 41:99-121. With Edward B. Hasecke and Kevin M. Scott.

Scott R. Meinke. 2012. "Party Size and Representation: Evidence from the Nineteenth Century House of Representatives." Legislative Studies Quarterly 37:175-197.

Scott R. Meinke. 2010. "Presentation of Partisanship: Constituency Connections and Partisan Congressional Activity" Social Science Quarterly 90:854-867.

Scott R. Meinke. 2008. "Who Whips? Party Government and the Expansion of the House Whip Systems." American Politics Research.

Scott R. Meinke. 2008. "Institutional Change and the Electoral Connection in the Senate: Revisiting the Effects of Direct Election." Political Research Quarterly.

Scott R. Meinke. 2007. "Slavery, Partisanship, and Procedure: The Gag Rule, 1836-1845." Legislative Studies Quarterly 32-33-57.

Scott R. Meinke, Jeffrey K. Staton, and Steven T. Wuhs. 2006. "State Delegate Selection Rules for Presidential Nominations, 1972-2000." Journal of Politics 68:180-193.

Scott R Meinke. 2005. "Long-term Change and Stability in House Voting Decisions: The Case of the Minimum Wage." Legislative Studies Quarterly 30:103-126.

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