Sharon Garthwaite

Sharon Garthwaite

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Additive number theory
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About Sharon Garthwaite

Educational Background

  • University of Wisconsin, Ph.D.
  • University of Wisconsin, M.A.
  • Pennsylvania State University, B.S.

Research interests

My research interests are at the intersection of analytic number theory and combinatorics. I study properties of modular forms with applications to partition functions.

Selected Publications

Incongruences for modular forms and applications to partition functions, with Marie Jameson (Univ. Tennessee), preprint.

Quantum mock modular forms arising from eta-theta functions, with Amanda Folsom (Amherst), Soon-Yi Kang (Kangwon National Univ. in South Korea) Holly Swisher (Oregon State Univ.), and Stephanie Treneer (Western Wash. Univ.), Res. Number Theory, 2 (2016), Art. 14, 41 pp.

Zeros of weakly holomorphic modular forms of level 2 and 3, with Paul Jenkins (Brigham Young Univ.), Math. Res. Lett., 20 (2013), no. 4, 657–674.

Further Information

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