Stephanie Larson

Stephanie Larson

Professor of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies
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About Stephanie Larson


  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest

  • A Greek cultural historian and philologist with special interests in the construction and maintenance of regional, ethnic and gender identities in Archaic and Classical Greece.
  • Current interests include issues of kingship and gender in Herodotus; the use of local traditions in the panhellenic poetry of Pindar; Euripides and the sophists; Odysseus in Greek tragedy; the transformation of ancient Greek through Byzantine Greek to Modern Greek.
  • Professor Larson co-directs the Thebes Synergasia Excavation Project with Professor Kevin Daly, also an Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Bucknell University.

Teaching Areas

  • Greek literature
  • Greek language
  • Greek history
  • Ancient mythologies
  • Women and gender in antiquity
  • Ethnicity, race, and identities in antiquity

Research Areas

  • Boiotia and Thebes
  • Archaic and Classical Greek literature and history, especially Sappho, Pindar, and Herodotus
  • Use of myth in creating local identities

Selected Publications

"Boiotia, Athens, the Peisistratids, and the Odyssey's Catalogue of Women,"in C. Tsagalis, ed., Theban Resonances in Homeric Epic (a special volume in the series Trends in Classics, to be published by de Gruyter), forthcoming 2015.

"Pindar's Reworking of Orchomenian Traditions," in V. Aravantinos and I. Fappas, eds., The History and Archaeology of Boeotia: I, Northern Boeotia. Athens Archaeological Society, forthcoming 2015.

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