Tom Solomon

Tom Solomon

(2013-2016) Presidential Professor of Physics & Astronomy
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About Tom Solomon

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Scholarly Interests

  • Chaos
  • Turbulence
  • Pattern formation

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Selected Publications

Advection-Reaction-Diffusion processes with chaotic mixing

  • Pattern formation in reacting systems and effects of chaotic mixing on those patterns.
  • Front propagation and mode-locking in a reacting system with chaotic mixing.
  • Synchronization of oscillators via superdiffusive mixing.

Active (Self-consistent) chaotic mixing

  • Examining how chaotic mixing of non-passive impurities can destabilize a flow.

Chaotic advection (mixing) of immiscible impurities

  • Passive (neutrally-buoyant) mixing in 2-D, time-periodic flows.
  • Passive mixing in 3-D, time-independent flows.
  • Droplet breakup and coalescence in the presence of Lagrangian chaos.
  • The effects of Lagrangian chaos on particle aggregation.

Large-scale pattern formation in solidification of ammonium chloride

  • Chimney formation in the presence of enhanced mushy layer flows;
  • Aggregation patterns of flowing crystal seeds;
  • Measurements of temperature field both in liquid layer and within the mushy layer.

Isotropic and anisotropic branching patterns in electrical discharges

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