Vanessa Massaro

Vanessa Massaro

Assistant Professor of Geography
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About Vanessa Massaro

Co-director, Center for Social Science Research (CSSR)

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Geography and Women's Studies (dual degree), Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A., Geography, University of Arizona
  • B.S., Geography, Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests

  • Feminist geography
  • Alternative political economy
  • Critical race theory
  • Critical and reflexive research methodologies


  • Geography 101, Globalization, People & Place
  • Geography 220, Cultural Geography
  • Geography 324/Women's Studies 324, Geographies of Identity

Selected Publications

“Intimate War and the Politics of Men: A Response to Rachel Pain” Solicited response for the Political Geography Plenary in Political Geography, published online, 2014.

“Boundary Making in Feminist Research: New Methodologies for “Intimate Insiders,” Gender, Place, and Culture, published online, 2014. (co-author D. Cuomo)

Introduction and Guest Editor, “Feminist Geopolitics: Unpacking (In)Security, Animating Social Change,” Geopolitics 18(4): 751-758, 2013. (coeditor J. Williams)

“Feminist Geopolitics: Redefining the Geopolitical, Complicating (In)Security.” Compass 7/8: 567-577, 2013. (co-author J. Williams) 
“The War on Teenage Terrorists: Philly’s “Flash-mob riots” and Post-9/11 Policing.” CITY 2011 15(5): 591-604, 2011. (co-author E. Mullaney)

“Capitalism in the Revolution? Alternative Economic Practices in West Philadelphia.” Dialogue and UniversalismE 2011 3(1): 27-46, 2011.

Review of Street Kids: Homeless Youth, Outreach, and Policing New York’s Streets. Kristina E. Gibson, Urban Geography 33(3): 467-468, 2011.

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