The Women's Resource Center is a place of advocacy, support and safety for all members of the Bucknell community. We seek to foster a campus community in which women and men live and work in a climate of mutual respect, understanding and equality. We support the University's mission to develop students who are productive citizens with a sense of justice, self-awareness, compassion and respect for our commonality as people.

The Women’s Resource Center actively engages in an intersectional feminist model of empowerment to:

  1. Promote women's rights and self-determination.
  2. Redress inequities, both historic and contemporary, based on sex, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation.
  3. Celebrate the achievements and highlight the struggles of women the world over.

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What we do

We recognize that inequities faced by women play out through other forms of oppression related to race and ethnicity, disability, religion, nationality and economic class. Our educational, social and cultural programs, as well as leadership opportunities, address all of these sources of disempowerment.

The Women’s Resource Center promotes the following objectives:

  • Educate about gender and its implications by providing information about the social construction of gender in relation to other social categories in a historical context.
  • Advocate for equity by taking an active role in educating the University community about policies and practices of particular concern to women. Topics include sexual harassment, pay equity, sexual assault and Title IX.
  • Celebrate the contributions of women to society and culture by providing educational programs and activities that expose students to information about women’s lives, achievements and contributions.
  • Empower students and community members to reach their full potential in a world where gender categories have enduring power and influence by providing skill development in areas such as leadership and critical thinking.

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