Policy & Reporting Procedures

Sexual assault is a form of personal violence that affects all of us directly and indirectly. Most individuals who have experienced some form of unwanted sexual activity do not think of themselves as survivors of sexual assault. However, sexual assault is a term that describes a wide range of unwanted or nonconsensual sexual activities. Many people do not realize sexual assault is a felony crime with serious implications for victims and their families, as well as communities. On college campuses, approximately 90% of the sexual assault that occurs takes place between two people who know each other, such as acquaintances or significant others.

Bucknell University recognizes the serious problem of sexual assault in our society and has taken steps to address student concerns, to educate the campus community, and to treat seriously reports of sexual assault. If you have experienced a sexual assault, please know that you are not alone and that there are people here who can provide you with resources to help you make informed choices, and support your recovery.

More information about what constitutes sexual assault is available in the Sex Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Policy section of the Student Handbook.

If You Need Help Now

Confidential Resources

  • Transitions Crisis Center (available 24/7) — 800-850-7948
  • Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Advocacy Coordinator — 570-577-1542
  • Counseling and Student Development Center (available 24/7) — 570-577-1604
  • Bucknell Student Health — 570-577-1401
  • Bucknell Chaplains — 570-577-1592
  • Evangelical Community Hospital (available 24/7) — 570-522-2000

Additional Resources

  • Title IX Coordinator — 570-577-1554
  • Public Safety (available 24/7) — 570-577-1111
  • Local Police (available 24/7) — 911

Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Reporting Form

Faculty and staff members: If information regarding an incident of sexual misconduct or relationship violence is shared with you, you are required to complete the Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Reporting Form within 24 hours of receiving the report.

Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Reporting Form

If you have questions, please contact the Title IX coordinator.

Samantha Hart, director of institutional equity & Title IX coordinator
232 Marts Hall