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Portrait of professor James Baish


Baish Collaborates on Research to Improve Cancer Tumor Treatment Outcomes

The biomedical engineering professor is on a research team finding that regular nanomedicine and metronomic therapy can improve tumor treatment outcomes.

Philip Onffroy stands outside the entrance to Dana Engineering Building


Bucknellians Awarded Record Seven NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Grants

The five-year fellowship includes three years of financial support including an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost of education allowance of $12,000 to the institution.

Portraits of Professors Nathan Ryan, Darakhshan Mir and Vanessa Massaro


Google Award Fuels Bucknell Study on Prison Decision-making

Bucknell researchers will use the $60,000 award to compare data about 280,000 individuals incarcerated in Pennsylvania over the last 30 years with the realities the imprisoned describe.

Chase Derk '25


Bucknell Engineers Hit the Ground Running in Revamped ENGR 100 Course

ENGR 100: Exploring Engineering immerses students in hands-on, project-oriented assignments that help them experience multiple engineering disciplines and understand the ways they overlap.

Portrait of Brad Putman in a suit inside Academic East


Bucknell Welcomes New Garman Dean of the College of Engineering Brad Putman

The associate dean for undergraduate studies at Clemson University has served on the civil engineering faculty there since 2005.

Susan Dudt curling


Bucknell’s Susan Dudt ’24 to Compete in U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Curling Nov. 12-21 in Omaha

Her brother, Bucknell grad Daniel Dudt '17, has also qualified for men's Olympic Curling Trials, where he is coached by Bucknell alumnus Bruce Clouser '80, P'13.

Ibrahim Sulai


Bucknell Professor, Students Part of NSF Award to Search for Dark Matter

$245,750 award empowers Bucknell and two other undergraduate institutions to search for dark matter through atomic magnetometer networks.

Lucille Ketterer '23 in Rooke greenhouse

Student Story

Lucille Ketterer ’23, Environmental Engineering

Lucille Ketterer '23 is exploring modern techniques in sustainable agriculture through a self-designed aquaponics project in Bucknell's rooftop greenhouse.

Ryan Iwata '22 experiments with sludge

Student Story

Ryan Iwata ’22, Environmental Engineering

Ryan Iwata '22 maintains ties to his Southern California roots through wastewater treatment research for the Orange County Sanitation District.

Abdullah Nabi in a mechanical engineering lab with research equipment

Student Story

Abdullah Nabi ’23, Mechanical Engineering

In his mechanical engineering lab, Abdullah Nabi ’23 has found a home on the cusp of the unexplored.

Portrait of professor Jiajia Dong


Bucknell Awarded NSF Grant to Study Faculty Gender, Race, Ethnicity Barriers

The $271,000 award will fund a two-year self-assessment to identify systemic inequities and advancement barriers among faculty.

Cindy Cortez stands inside a hallway.

Student Story

Cindy Cortez ’24, Civil Engineering

Cindy Cortez '24, a civil engineering major from Guatemala, learns what it takes to make a sustainable building while sharing her findings with high school students.

Brooke Ewer stands outside on a playground.

Student Story

Brooke Ewer ’24, Biomedical Engineering

Brooke Ewer '24, a biomedical engineering major from Stanhope, N.J., is examining how building playgrounds on different types of surfaces can contribute to or help minimize injuries.

Joe Roffer '22 stands outside

Student Story

Joe Roffer ’22, Electrical Engineering

While Joe Roffer '22 transferred to Bucknell for its top-tier academics, he also quickly found a network of fellow students who are interested in supporting each other's mental health.



Bucknell Students, Grads Awarded Four NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Grants

The five-year fellowship includes three years of financial support including an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost of education allowance of $12,000 to the institution.

Eric Kennedy

Faculty Story

Eric Kennedy, Biomedical Engineering

Professor Eric Kennedy, biomedical engineering, aims to reduce playground injuries by analyzing design, appropriateness of substrates for cushioning falls, and maintenance procedures that can prevent accidents.

Engineering students use solid-state/melt extrusion machine


Reasons to Ray’cycle: Bucknell Student Engineers Use Cutting-edge Recycling Process to Transform Community Waste

Their sustainability initiative, called Ray’cycle, invited the campus community to help turn hard-to-recycle plastics into useful and fun Bucknell-themed items, produced throughout the spring.

Mechanical engineering majors Michael Bortolot '21 and Nate Romanowski '21 assemble their prototype sanitizing device


A Safer Sushi Roll: Engineers Aid Companies and Entrepreneurs

Mechanical engineering majors Nate Romanowski '21, Michael Bortolot '21 and Charlie Martin '21 partnered with restaurateur Kevin Takarada '02 to create a novel way of sanitizing meals after preparation, ensuring contagions like COVID can’t be passed to customers through food.

David Berry stands outside with his musical Tesla coil

Student Story

David Berry ’24, Computer Engineering

As lifelong tinkerer and experimental musician David Berry's technological talents grew, so did his need for more sophisticated equipment and education. That's where Bucknell comes in.

Philip Onffroy pours plastic beads into a hopper.


Goldwater Scholarship Fuels Chemical Engineering Major’s Drive for Discovery

Philip Onffroy '22 is the latest Bucknellian to earn one of the nation’s most prestigious scholarships for undergraduate STEM majors.