If you are a highly motivated and intellectually curious student who is committed to learning and community, you may be eligible for scholarships and grants at Bucknell. Our blended approach of using institutional grants (based on financial need) and scholarships (based on merit) ensures that we can shape each class to recognize the achievements of the incredible students in our applicant pool.

Most funding is awarded to students who have demonstrated institutional financial need as determined by our Office of Financial Aid. A limited number of merit scholarships are awarded to students who don't have financial need or don't apply for financial aid. Please note that our merit scholarships are only awarded at the time of admission. The scholarship process is extremely competitive, which reflects the strength of our applicants. Our application review is comprehensive and holistic, extending beyond formulas and metrics to allow for thorough consideration of each applicant's achievements and experiences.

Need-based grants are awarded to students who have institutional need-based financial aid eligibility as calculated by Bucknell University's Office of Financial Aid. Eligibility can change from year to year if your family's financial circumstances change (e.g. income, assets, number of undergraduate students in the household enrolled at least half time in first undergraduate degree seeking programs) or if you do not follow the procedures and meet the deadlines for financial aid renewal.

Academic scholarships recognize outstanding academic achievements. Students who have extraordinary academic records and the promise to contribute greatly to the University's rich learning environment are eligible. Selected first-year students receive merit scholarships as part of their admissions offer. These scholarships are renewable annually as long as the student remains eligible. Financial aid packages include only one type of academic scholarship; we do not award multiple academic scholarships to individual students.