The Philosophy Major

A minimum of nine courses, which must include the following:

  • Introductory course: any section of PHIL 100. Multiple sections of this course are offered every semester, under a variety of specific titles: e.g., 'Law, Morality, Society' (ethics, socio-political philosophy and philosophy of law), 'Consciousness' (philosophy of mind), 'Philosophy of Laughter' (the ethics, aesthetics, and socio-political implications of comedy), 'Life, Death, Freedom' (a comparative examination of ancient Greek, Indian and Chinese philosophical traditions), 'Gods, Humans, Animals' (philosophical anthropology and the ethical status of animals), and 'Belief and Reality' (theory of knowledge and metaphysics). PHIL 100 is a prerequisite for most 200- and 300-level PHIL courses.
  • Logic requirement: PHIL 103 (Logic) or PHIL 201 (Symbolic Logic).
  • Core Historical Period requirements: PHIL 205 (Greek Philosophy) and PHIL 207 (History of Modern Philosophy).
  • Axiology (Value Theory) requirement: PHIL 212 (Philosophy of Art), 213 (Ethics), 214 (Social and Political Philosophy), 215 (Philosophy of Music), 218 (Ecology, Nature and the Future), 228 (Contemporary Ethical Theory), 246 (Philosophy of Law), 265 (Controversies in Art) or 271 (Western Perspectives on Animals).
  • Metaphysics & Epistemology requirement: PHIL 204 (Scientific and Everyday Reasoning), 220 (Philosophy of Science), 223 (Philosophy of Religion), 224 (Theory of Knowledge), 225 (Metaphysics), 226 (Philosophy of Mind), 227 (Philosophy of Language), 268 (Topics in Metaphysics) or 272 (Philosophy of Biology).
  • Movements & Traditions requirement: PHIL 206 (Medieval Philosophy), 219 (Problem of False Consciousness), 222 (Analytic Philosophy), 230 (Feminist Philosophy), 233 (Philosophy of Peace and Non-Violence), 256 (From Hegel to Nietzsche), 258 (Existentialism), 260 (Phenomenology), 262 (Contemporary Continental Philosophy), 266 (Chinese Philosophy), 267 (Islamic Philosophy), 269 (Indian Philosophy) or 270 (Jewish Philosophy).
  • Senior seminars/Culminating Experience: Two 300-level seminars or one 300-level seminar plus PHIL 321 (Senior Thesis), or PHIL 322, or PHIL 323 (both are Honors Theses).

The Philosophy Minor

The minor in philosophy at Bucknell consists of a set of four courses, two of which must be at the 200-level or above. Many such combinations of courses are possible, and so students have the option to focus on a specific area of philosophy that is of particular interest to them.