The Value of Religious Studies

The value of religious studies is immeasurable. Over the past 10 years, majors in Religious studies from Bucknell University have, within six months of graduation, landed jobs in such diverse fields as accounting, banking, business consulting, cartography, chemistry, education, insurance and publishing.

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Sarah Och '17

Exploring Ethics through Religious Studies

Spotlight: Sarah Och '17

The best part about studying ethics and morality within my religious studies major is that it directly relates to psychology. Being able to draw connections between classes is one of the great advantages of my liberal arts education.

Sarah Och

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Engage with some of the most profound ideas, thinkers and questions that have challenged humanity.

Understand diverse religious intentions, motivations and inspirations of communities as they respond to globalizing forces. Explore the experiences, narratives and social expressions of individuals and groups as they strive to articulate meaningful lives.

The academic study of religion contributes to the formation of global citizens by giving students fundamental capacities of intercultural literacy.

Did You Know?

The study of religion at Bucknell explores the experiences, narratives and social expressions of individuals and groups as they strive to articulate meaningful lives. 

The study of religion helps students acquire the skills needed for reflection upon the human quest for transformation and meaning that persists even in modern, secular settings. 

A major in religion provides the context for historical and conceptual engagement with some of the most profound ideas, thinkers and questions that have challenged humanity.

Increasingly, Bucknell students add religion as a second major that complements professional degree work by providing them with an academic setting for exploring broad cultural, conceptual, ethical and spiritual questions.

Faculty Spotlight

Meet all of our faculty

Maria Antonaccio


Maria Antonaccio

"There is a growing consensus that one simply cannot be an adequately informed citizen of the world today without some critical understanding of the diversity, influence and impact of religious traditions on human culture and history."

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Stuart Young

Associate Professor

Stuart Young

"I don't call myself a Buddhist, but I have some resonance with a lot of the Buddhist ideals. Just being exposed to those teachings is a valuable thing in one's life."

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Michael A. Malusis


Carol Wayne White

"As a religious naturalist, I examine different theories regarding the God-hypothesis and the different roles that science and religion play in guiding modern thought."

More about Professor White

Hands-on Experience

Outside of the Classroom

Study Abroad

Religious studies majors are encouraged to pursue off-campus study, either abroad or in approved domestic programs, to broaden their understanding of religious pluralism both in the United States and globally. Recently, students have studied in: China, England, India, Italy and New Zealand.



Internships prepare students for career success through firsthand work in the field. Recently, religion students have secured internships at:

  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • The Office of Senator Joseph Lieberman

Career Paths

Career Paths

Because of their broad liberal arts preparation, students majoring in religious studies have broad career choices. Professions of choice frequently include those in business, education, law, journalism, non-profit organizations, the medical sector, public service, communications and beyond.


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