Religious Studies

Bachelor of Arts

As a religious studies major at Bucknell, you'll explore one of the most powerful, influential and contested forces in the world. You'll dissect the diverse ways people search for meaning and experience the sacred.

You will develop a deep understanding of different cultures and learn to live thoughtfully and ethically in our globalized world.

Religious studies majors benefit from rigorous training in independent research and analytical writing across the disciplines and emerge as critical and creative thinkers with an array of career options.

Recent graduates hold jobs in nonprofit work, marketing, environmental education and government policy. Many pursue advanced degrees in religious studies as well as fields such as social work, law, education, criminology and medicine.

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In addition to pursuing a religious studies major or minor, students can also take courses in Arabic, Jewish and Modern Hebrew studies, offering a deeper look at specific religions and cultures.

Arabic Studies

Our Arabic Studies program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Arabic culture through language, media, religion and other facets of the Arabic culture.

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Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies minor will introduce you to Jewish religion, literature and history.

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Modern Hebrew Studies

The Modern Hebrew Studies program teaches students the Hebrew language, culture and allows students to experience Hillel services and travel abroad to immerse themselves in Hebrew culture.

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