Writing Across the Curriculum

At Bucknell, everyone writes.

Now in its 40th year, Bucknell’s Writing Program spans the entire curriculum across all three colleges. Students have diverse opportunities to complete the writing requirement, developing skills to write in appropriate genres and situations and using writing as a means for creating and processing knowledge. As a central part of a liberal arts education, the Writing Program recognizes students' rich individualities while they discover, organize and communicate their knowledge across disciplines and majors. This approach equips students with nuanced analytical abilities and rhetorical flexibility — strengths that are essential in all spheres of life.

Portrait of Kaia Rendo on Malesardi Quad

As much as we are taught to believe there is a ‘most correct’ form of writing, writing across the curriculum at Bucknell has demonstrated to me the importance of being open to new forms and ideas, and seeing the value of positive change.

Kaia Rendo '23, political science, Spanish and English — creative writing triple-major


The Writing Requirement

Poetry Workshop class

At Bucknell, every student regardless of their major must successfully complete three writing-intensive 'W' courses. The purpose of these classes is to ensure students develop a mastery of written language so that they may discover, organize and communicate their knowledge.

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Check out the W1 and W2 courses offered at Bucknell.

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Teaching a W course

Bucknell University Professor and students in Poetry Workshop

Every faculty member who teaches a W course is part of the Writing Program. Learn how to propose a new W course.

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