Expenses & Financial Aid

Some financial assistance is available to well-qualified graduate degree candidates who assist departmental faculty, or who qualify for tuition scholarships granted by the University. Financial aid for graduate students is awarded on a yearly basis and is normally limited to two years. Preference is given to full-time students.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships include a stipend and tuition remission and are available in all graduate programs. Continuation of financial aid in the form of a graduate assistantship into the second year of enrollment is contingent upon an acceptable GPA (3.0 or better), progress on the thesis project and satisfactory performance as a teaching assistant.

Loans & Federal Funding

Federal Direct Loans are available to help cover graduate school costs and are available to full-time degree-seeking students. Information concerning loans and other federal support can be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.


Graduate students are responsible for their own housing.

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