How to Check Your Application Status

After you submit your undergraduate application to Bucknell University, we will send you a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your application and provide you with instructions for logging in to your applicant status page, which includes your application status, checklist and other important notifications.

Please be sure to check your spam folder or promotions tab for this important email. The subject line of the email will be "Your Essential Bucknell Application Information," and it will be sent to you from

If you do not receive the email within three days after submitting your application, or if you find information that is incorrect, please contact us at 570-577-3000 or

Application Checklist

Your application checklist shows the application materials Bucknell has received and helps you verify when your application is complete and ready for admissions to review.

Submitting Documents

After reviewing your checklist, please arrange to have any missing documents required to complete your application sent to

Note: Because of the volume of documents we receive, it may take up to five business days before received items appear in your checklist. If you think we should have received an item that was sent more than five business days ago, but it does not show up in your checklist, please contact us at 570-577-3000 or

Logging In

You will need the username, PIN and custom link sent to you in the confirmation email you received after you submitted your application. Click on the custom link and enter your PIN. You will then be able to create your own password for your Bucknell University application status page.


If you need to reset your password:

If you have trouble accessing the applicant status page:

  • Try using a different web browser. Chrome or Firefox is preferred.
  • If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us at

If you received an error message:

  • Take a screenshot of the error message, if possible.
  • Contact us at, describing the issue and including a screenshot if you have one.

Common Checklist Issues

Missing Fee Waiver

If you requested a fee waiver with your application and it has not been checked off:

  • If you qualify for a fee waiver, please have your counselor send an email with the reason for the fee waiver to
  • If you do not qualify for a fee waiver:
    • Common App: Return to the "Review and Submit" area of your Bucknell application within Common App. You will be able to pay your fee there.
    • Coalition App (powered by Scoir): Please contact us via to tell us that you do not qualify for a waiver. We will then be able to make the change to your checklist and allow you to pay.

Missing First-quarter or Mid-year Transcripts

  • Our counseling staff is aware that many schools will not have these transcripts available at the time of our deadlines. We are only requesting that these documents are sent to us by a school official as soon as they are available.
  • Do not submit them yourself via the checklist. If you do so, the transcript will be marked as unofficial and will not fulfill the checklist item.

Cannot View Checklist after Logging In

  • You may still be on the Application Management page. To view your status page and the checklist, click on your application in the list.

Contact Details

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