Transfer Credit Information

First-year students are limited to a maximum of 8 transfer credits (including AP, IB or college courses elected while in high school).

For schools on a semester hour system, 4 semester hours are considered equivalent to 1 Bucknell course credit. Transfer credit is approved at .75 credit for any 3 semester hour courses.

Accepted transfer credits are not included in a student's Bucknell grade point average (GPA) calculation.

Accepted Transfer Credits

  • To be accepted for transfer credit that will count toward graduation requirement, the course must be comparable to a course offered at Bucknell.
    • If the course content does not have a Bucknell course equivalent, the level of transfer credit will be determined.
  • If the accepted course cannot be assigned to one specific department or program it will be designated NDPT (non-departmental).
  • New Policy Adopted by Faculty, February 2022: Effective Summer 2022 a course grade of ā€œDā€ or better is required for transfer of credit; this includes those grades which are defined as representing a "D" or higher (e.g. P, S, CR). Courses transferred previously to this required a "C" or better to qualify for credit.

Unaccepted Transfer Credits

  • Pass/fail grades, audits or courses that have already been taken at Bucknell or elsewhere.
  • Courses in professional or vocational fields.
  • Courses from professional schools.
  • Mathematics courses below introductory calculus.
  • Language courses that repeat high school work.
  • Physical education credits.

To receive transfer credit, you must request an official transcript from the institution where the course was taken. The transcript should be sent to one of the following addresses:

Incoming First-Year Bucknell students should have transcripts mailed to:
Office of Admissions
One Dent Drive
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Currently enrolled Bucknell students should have transcripts mailed to:
Office of the Registrar
One Dent Drive
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores

AP test scores should be sent to our office (CEEB Code 2050). Once we receive an official report of your scores, we will evaluate them and make the appropriate additions to your academic record.

View the AP Score Chart (PDF)

International Baccalaureate (IB) and Credit

IB Diploma recipients with a minimum score of 5 on each of the six subject examinations will be awarded six course credits toward their degree requirements at Bucknell.

Diploma recipients who do not meet the minimum score requirements will receive course credit for only those higher level courses passed with a score of 5 or higher.

IB Certificate students (non-diploma) will receive course credits for each higher level course passed with an examination score of 5 or higher.

No credit is awarded for standard-level courses except as noted for IB Diploma recipients above.