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Carolyn Campbell '22

Carolyn CampbellHometown: Buffalo, N.Y.
Major: Psychology, mathematics, and women's & gender studies (triple-major)
Why Bucknell: "The main reason I chose Bucknell is because of the passionate, inclusive and hard-working community. The people are what makes your college experience, and it is safe to say that the people at Bucknell changed my life in ways I will forever be thankful for."
Favorite place on campus: Fran's House, Bucknell's LGBTQ+-themed living option for sophomores, juniors and seniors. "Getting involved with Fran’s House helped me meet some of my best friends, develop my leadership skills and further my involvement in ensuring that the LGBTQ+ community maintains a visual and active presence on our campus."
Clubs and organizations: Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Fran's House leader, Presidential Fellows program, New Student Orientation, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, Reunion Ambassador Program and math department grader

Shana Clapp '23

Shana ClappHometown: Villanova, Pa.
Major: Political science and history (double-major)
Why Bucknell: "I wanted to be a valued member of the community, in and out of the classroom. Not only does Bucknell have small class sizes and unparalleled access to professors, but the student body is passionately involved in every aspect of campus life."
Favorite place on campus: The Malesardi Quad. "I always run into friends there as I'm walking to class, reading a book or just relaxing in the iconic blue and orange lawn chairs."
Clubs and organizations: Her Campus, Protestant Religious Life and Rooke Chapel Leadership Team, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Unite & Inspire

Lexie Corcoran '22

Lexie CorcoranHometown: Hummelstown, Pa.
Major: Political science
Why Bucknell: "At Bucknell, I am not just a clicker number or one of 800 students in a lecture. I feel like I can genuinely make a difference on campus. Bucknellians are incredibly involved, kind, welcoming and intelligent. Bucknell is a place where I feel extremely challenged while also feeling supported by my classmates and professors."
Favorite place on campus: The Malesardi Quad. "In the fall and spring, the Quad is always packed with people hanging out between classes. It's a beautiful place to see friends, get fresh air and watch the Lewisburg sunset."
Clubs and organizations: Freeman College of Management TA, Bucknell Dance Company, PR team for dance department, Arts Merit Scholar, Greek life

Joseph D'Angelo '22

Joseph D'AngeloHometown: Mountainside, N.J.
Major: Economics and political science (double-major)
Why Bucknell: "The community is exceptional. Nowhere else can you surround yourself with such driven, passionate, tenacious students."
Favorite place on campus: The Malesardi Quad. "Its position allows students to gather at all times during the day to watch the sunset, read, have class, study or just hang out."
Clubs and organizations: Junior legal analyst at the Union County Office of the Public Defender, volunteer firefighter/EMT in Lewisburg, Bucknell Finance Society, intramural referee and player 

Gabe Gross '23

Gabe GrossHometown: Avon, Conn.
Major: Undeclared management
Why Bucknell: "Opportunities for everyone are available at Bucknell, regardless of class year or major. As a first-year, I found an internship on campus, became a TA in a college outside of my major, and found leadership roles on campus. Bucknell allowed me to go after experiences without having to wait until I was an upperclassman to earn them."
Favorite place on campus: The Malesardi Quad. "It's great to walk through between classes and say hi to people I know as they pass, and it's the best place to sit and relax!"
Clubs and organizations: Bucknell Athletics intern for marketing and operations, theater technical assistant, American Sign Language TA, Cap and Dagger, club baseball

April Hurlock '23

April HurlockHometown: Gilbertsville, Pa.
Major: Chemistry
Why Bucknell: "Bucknell allowed me to enjoy the perks of both a large and small college. There are so many research, internship and alumni opportunities, but I did not have to sacrifice close faculty-student relationships in order to obtain them."
Favorite place on campus: 7th Street Café. Living right next to the café was "a blessing and a curse. I absolutely loved how close I was to my favorite study spot on campus, but my bank account definitely took a hit with the number of milkshakes I bought from there."
Clubs and organizations: Bucknell Student Government, undergraduate research, Symphonic Band, Chemistry Club, Chemistry Literature Club, Pre-health Society, Junior Fellow for the Discovery Residential College, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

Ryan Iwata '22

Ryan IwataHometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Major: Environmental Engineering
Why Bucknell: "Coming from the West Coast, I was looking for something different, and I couldn't be happier about my decision. Every day on campus means another day building connections and friendships with other students, faculty and staff. I took a big leap when I chose to attend Bucknell without ever visiting the campus, and I'm happy to say I would do it all over again."
Favorite place on campus: 7th Street Café. "It's more than just a great place to pick up an amazing milkshake. It's also a great place to do work or just relax. There's nothing like grabbing a booth, a drink and just lounging for a couple hours after a hard test or a long day."
Clubs and organizations: Residential adviser, Posse Fellow, undergraduate research assistant, T.E.A.M mentor

Natalie Notz '22

Natalie NotzHometown: Lake Forest, Ill.
Major: Markets, Innovation & Design
Why Bucknell: "I loved the size and the fact that they had DI sports and a great academic reputation, so I decided to apply. Before I came to Bucknell's campus, I was getting discouraged because all of the other colleges I visited felt all right, but didn't have that 'ah-ha' feeling. When I stepped foot on Bucknell's campus, I felt right at home."
Favorite thing about Bucknell: The community. "From students to faculty, everyone has such great energy. They are all willing to help each other succeed, and you will always pass at least three smiles and hellos when walking from point A to B on campus."
Clubs and organizations: Manager for the women's Division I lacrosse team, vice president for philanthropy and service for the Panhellenic community, Activities and Campus Events, Outdoor Education and Leadership, club field hockey

Dana Pardee '22

Dana PardeeHometown: Colts Neck, N.J.
Major: Psychology and economics (double-major)
Why Bucknell: "I was looking for a school with a great science program, but unsure of my major, a school where I could explore options. Bucknell also allowed me to pursue my love for performing arts, without it being a major."
Favorite place on campus: Malesardi Quad. "It is one of my favorite lookout places that really showcases Bucknell's beauty. I have so many memories of being there with my friends, and it always makes me feel happy and relaxed."
Clubs and organizations: Actress in theater department, dancer in Bucknell Dance Showcases, Greek life, Cap and Dagger, Women in Economics

Renee Shahnazarian '22

Renee ShahnazarianHometown: San Diego, Calif.
Major: Psychology
Why Bucknell: "I didn't know at first that a smaller-size school was what I wanted, but the environment at Bucknell couldn't have been a more perfect fit for my college experience. Getting involved in research as an undergraduate was something I never imagined I would have the ability to say, and that has been a huge part of my Bucknell experience."
Favorite place on campus: Bertrand Library. "There are a ton of spots that are hidden away from the main floor that I discovered my first year, and since then, I have always loved being able to study in cozy quiet areas that help me destress and focus on work. The library café is an added bonus, too."
Clubs and organizations: Bucknell club swim team, Biology Club, Greek life, researcher in psychology

Nina Smith '22

Nina SmithHometown: Downingtown, Pa.
Major: Political science
Why Bucknell: "I knew I wanted to attend a school that had a strong sense of community and a few traditions. When I went on my tour at Bucknell, my tour guide waved to 10-plus familiar faces while walking around campus. I loved the atmosphere and how friendly everyone was."
Favorite place on campus: Arches Lounge in the Elaine Langone Center (student union). "My dad attended Bucknell, and he showed it to me before I was a student. It has become a study spot for me because it is quiet and has a great view."
Clubs and organizations: New Student Orientation, Greek life

Aisling Sullivan '23

Aisling SullivanHometown: Riverside, Conn.
Major: Early childhood education
Why Bucknell: "From my first moments on campus, the community and spirit at Bucknell immediately stuck out to me. I found students were so happy to speak to anyone, learn about your interests, share their experiences — and they were always smiling."
Favorite place on campus: The Malesardi Quad. "The Quad is an energetic, collaborative and communal place on campus that makes me love Bucknell more and more every day."
Clubs and organizations: Bucknell Dance Company, Bucknell Dance Showcase, Dance Merit Scholar, Women in Economics Club

Alison Zhitkov '22

Alison ZhitkoHometown: Tenafly, N.J.
Major: Chemical engineering
Why Bucknell: "As the oldest in my family, the whole college process was especially daunting for me. I had no clue where to start. One thing I knew for sure, though, was that I wanted to find a place I could call home and have a community where I would thrive and be accepted. The latter isn't something you can just research, it's something you want to feel. When I toured Bucknell, as a nervous and shy junior in high school, it simply felt right. I loved seeing people working collaboratively in the library and the clubs enthusiastically advertising in the Elaine Langone Center. I loved seeing people walk to class in clusters, chatting excitedly about their days. I could instantly tell that students at Bucknell shared a bond, just by being a Bucknellian."
Favorite place on campus: The Malesardi Quad. "I love the bustling nature of students constantly walking through it, people socializing on the Adirondack chairs, the cherry blossoms in the spring, and the great sight of Bertrand Library."
Clubs and organizations: Society of Women Engineers, Greek life, Pre-health Society, Student Health Advisory Board, teaching assistant in chemical engineering

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