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Bucknell University believes that in addition to their classroom education, students learn by doing. We want to develop educated active citizens who are engaged in the world around them. Individuals and organizations in the local community are valuable resources for our students. At the same time, our learners provide important services to the public and their community.

Together with more than 300 partners, the Center for Community Engaged Leadership, Learning & Research addresses regional priorities.

Learn Local

Connections between Bucknell and the community foster cooperation and allow community representatives to share their perspectives and experiences with young people who desire the opportunity to learn and make a difference.

Our students participate in academically-based service and volunteer work. The services they provide may include one-time group projects, internships, research and data collection, or a short-term project that involves producing a brochure, redesigning a website or hosting an event, for example.

Partner with Us

The first step in registering as a community partner is to email our office at and include information about your project or organization. This will give us a better idea of what services your organization offers and your current projects. Our office will be in touch once that information is received.

Community Service Federal Work-study Program

The Community Service Federal Work-study Program matches nonprofit organizations with Bucknell's work-study eligible students. Student employees are paid from federal grant money and are able to work at specified tasks within your organization, as long as the position benefits local residents or the public good.

We encourage local nonprofit agencies and institutions to design and submit descriptions of jobs that Bucknell students could do for them under the agency's management and supervision.

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