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Bucknell students find abundant opportunities to serve on campus and in the local community — as well as much farther afield.

From confronting food insecurity to community building, you'll find a program that helps you give back in meaningful ways to Bucknell, Lewisburg and beyond.

Ongoing Programs


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Annual Programs

The following programs are driven by student volunteers. All, including employees, are welcome to participate and donate.

Find a Community Partner

Local service organizations benefit from the knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm students contribute to a project. The connection with the University and its resources may enable non-profit agencies to increase their visibility and more effectively reach their goals.

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Student Immersion Experiences

There are many alternative break programs not formally associated with the Office of Civic Engagement that offer deep educational and service experiences. Students may wish to consider these programs.

Plan Your Own Experience

Students can design their own learning and service opportunities and pursue their passion for making a difference.

If you are interested in planning a student immersion experience, visit the Office of Civic Engagement to talk to us in person.

The Shepherd Poverty Internship Program

The Shepherd Poverty Internship Program places students in eight-week internships with nonprofit and government-funded agencies in a variety of human service sectors throughout the U.S. Participating students are eligible to receive summer housing for in-person internships as well as a modest food stipend. Shepherd internships prepare students from all majors for lives aimed at diminishing poverty and enhancing human capability through professional and civic efforts.

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Community Service Federal Work-study Program

The Community Service Federal Work-study Program matches nonprofit organizations with Bucknell's work-study eligible students. Student employees are paid from federal grant money and are able to work at specified tasks within your organization, as long as the position benefits local residents or the public good.

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