Environmental Health & Safety provides resources, guidance and consultation services to departments campuswide.

Our expertise covers federal, state and local government regulations, including:

  • OSHA (Laboratory Standard and Hazard Communication Standard) 
  • EPA/Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (infectious waste and chemical reporting) 
  • NRC regulations (radioactive materials and X-ray generators)

Emergencies and Other Incidents

Call 911 for life-threatening emergencies, including fires, explosions, serious injuries or any incident that poses an immediate threat to life or the environment.

For other emergencies, call 570-577-1111 to reach Public Safety.

For chemical, biological or radiological incidents that do not pose a life-threatening emergency, call:

Environmental Health & Safety
8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

During holidays, weekends or evening hours

If the incident involves the spill of a small quantity of a chemical, biological or radioactive material that you are familiar with and you have been trained in proper clean-up procedures, follow those instructions.


Environmental Health & Safety


116 Geiger Service Building