Survey Research

Bucknell regularly conducts surveys of students, faculty, staff and alumni, including a routine schedule of student surveys.

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The information from these surveys informs the decisions of senior Bucknell leadership as well as of various faculty and staff committees.

The Office of Institutional Research & Planning coordinates all major surveys on campus while also providing support and guidance for other survey research conducted by our faculty and staff.

If you have any questions about the survey calendar or survey research activities in general, please contact:

Rita Liu, associate director of institutional research & planning


Surveys conducted by Institutional Research & Planning can be found in the Survey Research section of myBucknell.

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Survey Assistance

The Survey Research Primer outlines the stages of a survey research project. We created this document because every survey is a major research project that requires the researcher's time, effort and careful thought. Every survey is also an imposition on the community because it asks for their time, effort and careful thought as well. The imposition can be reduced, however, if the survey is designed thoughtfully, is carefully timed and coordinated with other surveys on campus, and respects its participants.

Once you plan to administer a survey, please refer to our survey guide.

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