Hold Clearance

Holds may affect your ability to enroll in, begin and receive credit for Bucknell courses. You may receive a hold for reasons including scheduling issues and incomplete medical clearances. Notification of your hold status will be sent to your Bucknell email address. You may also check for holds by logging into myBucknell.

Continuing undergraduate and graduate students without holds will be automatically enrolled. You must notify your academic dean in writing if you wish to withdraw from the University.

Finance Holds

Students with finance holds should contact Bursar Services.

Bursar Services
108 Marts Hall

Medical Holds

Medical holds can be cleared through Bucknell Student Health.

Bucknell Student Health
Graham Building, 7th Street entrance

Student Health Insurance Holds

All full-time students must have health insurance. If you have an Insurance Hold, you must enroll in or waive out of Bucknell Student Health Insurance

Cell Phone Holds

Cell phone holds may be immediately cleared online by providing your cell phone and emergency contact information in myBucknell.

Update emergency contact information