Student Mail Services

Elaine Langone Center, First Floor

Students send and receive letters and packages at the Student Mail Services window and package lockers, located on the ground floor of the Elaine Langone Center.

Addressing Letter Mail and Packages to Students

Please use the following addressing standards to ensure that external mail and packages reach their intended recipient:

Student Name
Bucknell University
701 Moore Avenue C####
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Each student is assigned a unique "C" number, which follows the street address. Students can access their number in myBucknellWeb. There should be no space between the "C" and the number following it.

First year students can access their unique "C" number beginning July 15 of each year.

Sending Packages to Campus

Bucknell accepts packages from the following carriers:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

We do not accept freight shipments, including freight shipped by UPS, FedEx or other accepted carriers.

Letter Mail and Package Pickup

When students receive mail or packages, they will be notified by email at their Bucknell email address. Students can also choose to get a text notification if their phone number is on record. Students can provide their cell phone number via the myBucknell contact information form. This applies for both letter mail and package notifications.

Update your contact information (myBucknell)

Student mail break options

Group mailing policy

Letter Mail Pickup

Students will receive a notification when a letter arrives. To pick up their letter, they will need to bring their Bucknell ID card to the Student Mail Services window along with the confirmation code sent via the notification. All letter mail must be picked up at the service window.

Package Pickup

Student Mail Services has a 24-hour self-service package locker system. Students will receive a notification when a package arrives instructing them where to retrieve the package. The notification will direct them to either the appropriate package locker or the service window. When packages are too large to fit in the locker, or when there are no lockers available, students will be instructed to pick up their package at the service window. To pick up their package at the service window, students need to bring their Bucknell ID.

If the student's package is located in a locker, they will receive an email or text containing a one-time use six-digit code and a QR code. The notification will also include the name and number of the locker bank where the student can retrieve their package. There is a kiosk in the middle of each bank. When students enter their code at the appropriate kiosk, the locker containing their package will open automatically.

Flowers and Balloons

We do not accept flowers or balloons through campus mail.

Bison Flash Postcards

Bison Flash postcards are an easy way to distribute printed information from academic and administrative departments or student organizations to students. Bison Flash postcards are unaddressed and displayed by class year for students to pick up near the Student Mail Services window.

Bison Flash policy
Bison Flash request form


Stamps are available for purchase at the Post Office on the first floor of the ELC.


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