The Workplace Adviser Program allows staff members to talk with someone confidentially about issues of concern. Workplace advisers are a resource for individuals who want an alternative to addressing the issue through the Employee Assistance Program or Human Resources or who simply seek a friendly listener.

Workplace advisers are selected from the University community based on their commitment to problem solving and trustworthiness, especially in terms of confidentiality.

Contact a Workplace Adviser

Workplace advisers can meet with you by phone, email or in person.

Sherri Foster, academic assistant for the Department of Political Science

Joe Gaughan, custodian

Martha Shaunessy, academic assistant for the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, & Gender and the Department of Women’s & Gender Studies


Conversations with a workplace adviser will be kept confidential unless you give the adviser permission to contact someone else or in cases where there is a threat of danger to you or others or issues of sexual harassment are indicated.

Workplace Adviser Roles & Responsibilities