Non-university Events

The following is Bucknell’s General Policy on Use of Bucknell University Facilities for Non-university Sponsored Events.

Bucknell makes its facilities available for rental on a limited basis for use by individuals or outside organizations when students are in residence. The majority of use by outside organizations is limited to the summer, fall and spring break periods.

The types of outside organizations eligible to use the University's facilities are primarily:

  • Non-commercial groups
  • Groups with an educational or cultural purpose
  • Community-related nonprofit groups

Groups should relate to the mission of the University and must be consistent with Bucknell's non-profit educational status. If the non-university organization is a commercial, private or for-profit entity, its use of Bucknell facilities must be related to educational or charitable purposes. Bucknell University reserves the right to impose insurance or access restrictions on any facility usage, or to otherwise restrict access if such usage would be inconsistent with the best interests of the University.

In addition, individuals not affiliated with the University may be able to book weddings and receptions on campus, schedule permitting.

Bucknell policy prohibits non-Bucknell groups from bringing in outside vendors such as, but not limited to, technical support, security and/or caterers.

Co-sponsorship Limits and Use of the Bucknell Name

If scheduling permits, a non-Bucknell group may utilize Bucknell's facilities during the academic year. However, having members of the Bucknell community associated with an event does not necessarily constitute a “co-sponsored event.” Co-sponsoring an event in name only, in order to gain access to University facilities, exposes the University to undue liability risk and makes the space unavailable for true Bucknell-related purposes. 

The name “Bucknell University” may not be used in association with a non-university function without prior consent from the Events Management Director.

Liability Insurance Requirements

In those cases where a non-Bucknell sponsored event is able to be scheduled, all individuals or organizations renting or using Bucknell's facilities for non-Bucknell events or programs must file in advance of the activity a certificate of insurance naming the University as an additional insured and obtain a limit of liability appropriate to the activity.

Find liability insurance information

Families renting Bucknell facilities for a wedding or reception, or individuals registering for an event at Cowan, may find it possible to obtain a rider on their household insurance policy to meet this requirement. An authorized non-University user of facilities may also purchase a special event policy to provide such insurance coverage for their guests, themselves and the University.

Rights Reserved

The University reserves the right to revoke campus privilege, cancel, postpone or change location of a function, when in the opinion of the vice president for finance & administration, it is deemed appropriate.

Events Management


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