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Episode 40: How to Get a Feel for Campus Culture

April 18, 2022

If you could run personality tests on the colleges of their choice, what would the results say?

Like people, colleges and universities have their own sets of values, distinctive strengths and lenses through which they view the world. All of these characteristics indicate something about a college's culture and the day-to-day experiences students will have on campus.

In this episode, we're sharing some tips on how prospective students can get a sense of a university's campus culture — from the brochure to the college tour and far beyond.

Our guests are Bucknell admissions counselor Ashley Carnuccio and Dana Pardee '22. Ashley works with prospective students from central New Jersey and New York City. Dana is a psychology and economics double-major from Colts Neck, N.J., who is involved in Greek life, the Bucknell Dance Company, drama club and more.

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Episode 40: How to Get a Feel for Campus Culture

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