Student Stories

At Bucknell, you'll be surrounded by amazing, talented, creative people who share your curiosity and desire to make a positive difference in the world. Get to know some of them.

Kona Glenn is wearing an orange and blue rowing uniform and a pink Bucknell baseball cap as she smiles and carries a boat along a riverbank.

Student Story

Kona Glenn '25, Computer Science & Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Kona Glenn '25 found her perfect fit at Bucknell, where she found a supportive community that encouraged her to pursue both engineering and rowing.

Elizabeth Malley wears a tan jacket and jeans and walks in front of a building on campus with a very big smile.

Student Story

Elizabeth Malley '26, Biomedical Engineering

Inspired by her personal experiences with healthcare, Elizabeth Malley '26 wants to pursue a career in pediatric orthopedics, and her hands-on research experience at Bucknell is preparing her for that path.

Michael Hardyway '25 wears an orange Bucknell shirt and holds a football as he smiles in Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium.

Student Story

Michael Hardyway '25, Environmental Studies

At Bucknell, Michael Hardyway '25 has thrived as a walk-on quarterback while also conducting research that furthers campus sustainability initiatives.

Sarah Downey works on her laptop in front of a large window.

Student Story

Sarah Downey '25, Italian Studies and Political Science

Writing reveals connections between the humanities and the social sciences for Sarah Downey '25.

Jasmine Jones '25 stands on campus on a brick walkway with green grass on both sides of it, with her hands on her hips and smiling.

Student Story

Jasmine Jones '25, Management & Organizations

Jasmine Jones '25 began her educational journey at a community college before transferring to Bucknell, where she has flourished academically and found a sense of belonging.

Meghan Catherwood '25 wears a bright, multi-colored tie-dyed lab coat and blue gloves while smiling and holding a pipette in a lab on campus.

Student Story

Meghan Catherwood '25, Biology and Spanish

Student-athlete Meghan Catherwood '25 has made a splash in competitive diving while also contributing to impactful biology research at Bucknell.

Mikey Brandt wears a black Tshirt with a LEFT Clothing logo printed across his chest. He is in a Makerspace with a graffiti-style wall design behind him.

Student Story

Mikey Brandt '26, Markets, Innovation & Design

Student entrepreneur Mikey Brandt '26 wanted a smaller college environment that could help him achieve his business goals.

Iona Pitkin '25 looks at a plastic plate with 3D zig-zag design.

Student Story

Iona Pitkin '25, Civil Engineering

Iona Pitkin '25 is bridging the gap between art and construction through a unique engineering project.

Deborah Gonkpah '26 poses against a backdrop of cherry blossoms

Student Story

Deborah Gonkpah '26, International Relations

Deborah Gonkpah '26 used a $10,000 Davis Projects for Peace grant to improve public health in her home country.

Caiden Covell '25 bends the spine of his robot

Student Story

Caiden Covell '25, Mechanical Engineering

Student engineer and Presidential Fellow Caiden Covell '25 is excelling in hands-on research at Bucknell and beyond.

Vivian Kuang sits at a grand piano in a black suit.

Student Story

Vivian Kuang '25, Management

Vivian Kuang '25 has found belonging at Bucknell through her participation in campus government, music programs, diversity networks and athletics. She is building her community through a willingness to lean into all that Bucknell offers.

Gabby Diaz' dances folklorico among blossoming cherry trees

Student Story

Gabby Diaz '25, Education and Political Science

It didn't take Gabby Diaz '25 long to find belonging at Bucknell. She started making connections right away through the Latine Alliance for Community and Opportunity for Students, one of Bucknell's 200 student clubs.

Henry Martin '25 analyzes data on a computer in the lab

Student Story

Henry Martin '25, Psychology and Spanish

Building upon his yearslong interest in psychology, Henry Martin '25 is seeking to unlock insights into human behavior by studying the mammals that most closely resemble us.

A student stands outside a building on Bucknell's campus

Student Story

Flora Beleznay ’25, Biophysics

For as long as she can remember, Flora Beleznay '25 has been fascinated by biophysics, which at its heart is a study of the universe.

Marion Duval '25 runs tests in the lab

Student Story

Marion Duval ’25, Cell Biology/Biochemistry

At Bucknell, Marion Duval '25 is taking on one of the world's most threatening biological challenges, antibiotic resistance, through her lab research.

Boati Motau '25 competes in the Olympics with the South African women's water polo team

Student Story

Boati Motau ’25, Biology

After representing South Africa in the Tokyo Olympics, seasoned water polo player Boati Motau '25 brings her winning skills — and pre-med ambitions — to Bucknell.