Student Stories

At Bucknell, you'll be surrounded by amazing, talented, creative people who share your curiosity and desire to make a positive difference in the world. Get to know some of them.

Caiden Covell poses for headshot

Student Story

Caiden Covell '25, Mechanical Engineering

Student engineer and Presidential Fellow Caiden Covell '25 is excelling in hands-on research at Bucknell and beyond.

Mikey Brandt wears a black Tshirt with a LEFT Clothing logo printed across his chest. He is in a Makerspace with a graffiti-style wall design behind him.

Student Story

Mikey Brandt '26, Markets, Innovation & Design

Student entrepreneur Mikey Brandt '26 wanted a smaller college environment that could help him achieve his business goals.

Abigail Kates '24 stands with her hands on her hips and smiles, cherry blossoms are in the background

Student Story

Abigail Kates '24, Markets, Innovation and Design

Student-athlete Abigail Kates '24 brings energy and ambition to her academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.

Reid Fournier stands on a stage, a red stage curtain is in the background.

Student Story

Reid Fournier '24, Theatre and Political Science

Whether he's playing the lead role, directing a production or singing tenor in a vocal ensemble, Reid Fournier '24 thrives on a busy extracurricular schedule centered on the arts.   

Portrait of student Matt McMullen outside in The Grove

Student Story

Matt McMullen '24, Geography

A valuable research internship prompted Matt McMullen '24 to explore a new interest — and possible future — in urban planning and landscape architecture.

Twity Gitonga poses in a denim shirt and black pants Malesardi Quadrangle.

Student Story

Twity Gitonga '24, Computer Science & Engineering

Twity Gitonga '24, a Fremont Scholar and international student from Kenya, has made herself a new home on campus and in Lewisburg.

Elle Chrampanis sits on a chair and plays the cello while sitting outside under a tree with golden leaves that hang from the branches and also sit on the ground around her..

Student Story

Elle Chrampanis '24, Music and Psychology

Elle Chrampanis '24 is drawn to children's psychology and education and is intrigued by what happens when music is incorporated into both of these worlds.

Henry Martin '25 analyzes data on a computer in the lab

Student Story

Henry Martin '25, Psychology and Spanish

Building upon his yearslong interest in psychology, Henry Martin '25 is seeking to unlock insights into human behavior by studying the mammals that most closely resemble us.

Vivian Kuang sits at a grand piano in a black suit.

Student Story

Vivian Kuang '25, Management

Vivian Kuang '25 has found belonging at Bucknell through her participation in campus government, music programs, diversity networks and athletics. She is building her community through a willingness to lean into all that Bucknell offers.

Kit Jackson stands ankle deep in the Susquehanna River

Student Story

Kit Jackson '24, Computer Science & Engineering

Kit Jackson '24's technical skills and problem-solving mindset have advanced an aquatic interdisciplinary project on campus — while earning him tuition coverage and a job opportunity from the Department of Defense.

Jordan Isaacs '23 uses ground-penetrating radar machine

Student Story

Jordan Isaacs '23, Geology and Biology

Geology and biology double-major Jordan Isaacs '23 is using advanced techniques and technology to see what lies beneath the earth's surface — without digging up any dirt.

Portrait of Grace Hauer '24

Student Story

Grace Hauer '24, Biology

At Bucknell, self-proclaimed "people person" Grace Hauer '24 is furthering her ambition of becoming a doctor while helping other female students prepare for their careers.

Jack Casturo '24 works in electrical enginering lab

Student Story

Jack Casturo '24, Electrical Engineering

From building a functional slot machine from the ground up to attending the Solar Decathlon in Dubai, Jack Casturo '24 is gaining the education of a lifetime as an electrical engineer at Bucknell.

Portrait of Natalia Mancero '24

Student Story

Natalia Mancero '24, Accounting

Natalia Mancero '24 has a foot in the door at her dream company thanks to an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the "Big Four" accounting firms.

Gabby Diaz' dances folklorico among blossoming cherry trees

Student Story

Gabby Diaz '25, Education and Political Science

It didn't take Gabby Diaz '25 long to find belonging at Bucknell. She started making connections right away through the Latine Alliance for Community and Opportunity for Students, one of Bucknell's 200 student clubs.

A student stands inside a building with a high-tech ticker behind her, displaying current stock prices.

Student Story

Emma Shaffer ’23, Markets, Innovation & Design

Emma Shaffer '23, a markets, innovation & design major from Cincinnati, Ohio, has become an expert at balancing her busy schedule as a Bucknell student-athlete.

A student stands outside a building on Bucknell's campus

Student Story

Flora Beleznay ’25, Biophysics

For as long as she can remember, Flora Beleznay '25 has been fascinated by biophysics, which at its heart is a study of the universe.

Abdullah Nabi in a mechanical engineering lab with research equipment

Student Story

Abdullah Nabi ’23, Mechanical Engineering

In his mechanical engineering lab, Abdullah Nabi ’23 has found a home on the cusp of the unexplored.

Marion Duval '25 runs tests in the lab

Student Story

Marion Duval ’25, Cell Biology/Biochemistry

At Bucknell, Marion Duval '25 is taking on one of the world's most threatening biological challenges, antibiotic resistance, through her lab research.

A student stands outside in the fall on Bucknell's campus

Student Story

Riley DeBaecke ’23, Managing for Sustainability and Literary Studies

Riley DeBaecke '23 selected the managing for sustainability major because she knows that businesses have the power — and the responsibility — to do better for the planet and all its living things.