Student Stories

At Bucknell, you'll be surrounded by amazing, talented, creative people who share your curiosity and desire to make a positive difference in the world. Get to know some of them.

Student Story

Helen Fish ’21, Finance and Economics

Helen Fish '21 is carving out a space for women in the finance industry.

Portrait of student Connor Grigg

Student Story

Connor Grigg ’20, Mechanical Engineering

Along with seeking a mechanical engineering degree, Connor Grigg '20 had a personal goal in mind when he came to Bucknell. He wanted to become a stronger leader.

Portrait of student Effiem Obasi

Student Story

Effiem Obasi ’20, Psychology

Psychology major Effiem Obasi '20 came to Bucknell and honed her passion for change into the clear goal of bringing health care and health education to underserved populations.

Portrait of student James Cobbinah

Student Story

James Cobbinah ’20, Accounting & Financial Management

James Cobbinah '20, an accounting & financial management major from Ghana, hopes to blend his interests in finance and charity as an entrepreneur in the airline industry.

Portrait of student Evan Filion

Student Story

Evan Filion ’20, Environmental Geosciences

Evan Filion '20 says his environmental geosciences major blends an engineering mindset with real-world observations.

Portrait of student Craig Silverman

Student Story

Craig Silverman ’20, Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics and Mathematics

Craig Silverman '20 says Bucknell's small classes give him the opportunity to build a rapport with professors within and outside of his major — interdisciplinary studies in mathematics and economics.

Portrait of student Jewel Cook

Student Story

Jewel Cook ’20, Chemical Engineering

Jewel Cook '20 cites her strong relationships with her chemical engineering professors as one of the best parts of her Bucknell experience.

Portrait of student Serena Tramm

Student Story

Serena Tramm ’20, Mechanical Engineering

Serena Tramm '20, mechanical engineering, takes full advantage of leadership opportunities in her areas of interest at Bucknell.

Profile of Yasameen Mohammadi

Student Story

Yasameen Mohammadi ’20, Managing for Sustainability

When Yasameen Mohammadi '20 came to Bucknell, her interest in both managing for sustainability and service work grew.

Portrait of India Carpenter '20

Student Story

India Carpenter ’20, Animal Behavior and Creative Writing

At Bucknell, India Carpenter '20 was able to major in both animal behavior and creative writing — while continuing her passion for horseback riding.