Alumni Stories

Bucknellians are all over the world, pursuing their passions and creating change in countless different ways, but they can all trace their steps back here. Learn about the trails they’ve blazed and how Bucknell has helped them throughout their journey.

Portrait of Audra Wilson ’94

Alumni Story

Audra Wilson ’94, International Relations and Spanish

Audra Wilson '94, who majored in international relations and Spanish, is president and CEO of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

Portrait of Leanne Archer

Alumni Story

Leanne Archer ’16, Markets, Innovation & Design

When Leanne Archer '16 began a new job managing the launch of Dove’s moisturizing hand sanitizer mid-pandemic, she tapped into skills honed at Bucknell to keep the brand soaring.

Portrait of Gissell Botero

Alumni Story

Gissell Botero Rodriguez ’19, Neuroscience

With tenacious research skills, natural curiosity and tireless compassion, Gissell Botero Rodriguez '19 helps develop the best treatment plan for cancer patients with the most complicated cases.

Laura Cook stands in front of a window at the Corning Museum of Glass

Alumni Story

Laura Cook ’10, M’11, Chemical Engineering

Laura Cook ’11 has her foot on the accelerator to help glass manufacturer Corning meet a global demand for more than 1 billion vaccine vials.

Casey Barber poses before a field of trees and fallen leaves.

Alumni Story

Casey Barber ’00, Art History and English

Writer and illustrator Casey Barber ’00 turned her passion for flavor into a career as a food writer, illustrator and photographer.

Estie Pyper '16 stands outside

Alumni Story

Estie Pyper ’16, Theatre and Literary Studies

Estie Pyper '16 parlayed her writing and live theatre experience at Bucknell into a job as an associate producer for MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Photo of Brianna Clarke-Schwelm

Alumni Story

Brianna Clarke-Schwelm ’11, Religious Studies

A study abroad experience during her junior year inspired Brianna Clarke-Schwelm's work to advance public health, global development and women's empowerment.

Portrait of Brian Stolarz '95

Alumni Story

Brian Stolarz ’95, Political Science and English

Brian Stolarz '95's decade-long journey to exonerate a death-row inmate is one of the remarkable true stories featured in a Netflix docuseries on criminal justice.

Michael Tonge sits with his hands folded in front of his face and a desert landscape in the background

Alumni Story

Michael Tonge ’12, Sociology

Michael Tonge '12 champions Black art and creativity as the founder of The Culture LP.

Passion Artis

Alumni Story

Passion Artis ’14, Accounting

At Netflix, accounting major Passion Artis ’14 lives by the numbers.

Christina Sfedu '12 stands with her arms crossed in front of a lake.

Alumni Story

Christina Sfedu ’12, Electrical Engineering

Christina Sfedu ’12 helps navigate new frontiers at SpaceX.

Rachel Sherbill '09 stands in front of the Millennium Falcon

Alumni Story

Rachel Sherbill ’09, Theatre and Economics

One of the hundreds of creative humans behind Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Rachel Sherbill '09 sharpened her design and leadership skills at Bucknell.

Bellissimo Portrait

Alumni Story

Erin Bellissimo ’93, Management

Following a successful career in the investing industry, Erin Bellissimo '93 is working to increase female representation in finance by drawing on her Bucknell experience.

Jennifer Dawson

Alumni Story

Jennifer Bower Dawson ’03, Mechanical Engineering

As her company deploys some of the first completely driverless vehicles to traverse American roadways, Jennifer Bower Dawson '03 is watching out for the public's safety.

Frank Davis ’82 near the building named in his honor.

Alumni Story

Frank Davis ’82, Electrical Engineering

A successful corporate leader, Davis is committed to addressing the lack of diversity among business owners.

Portrait of alumni Sam Nana-Sinkam, ’10

Alumni Story

Sam Nana-Sinkam ’10, Management

Sam Nana-Sinkam '10's career at Google combines two of his long-standing interests: sports and business — both of which drew him to Bucknell.

Christopher Williams '92

Alumni Story

Christopher Williams ’92, Religion

Christopher Williams '92 honed his craft as a singer, songwriter and musician by performing in Seattle coffeehouses.

Portrait of Bridget Fahey ’93

Alumni Story

Bridget Fahey ’93, Biology

Bridget Fahey '93, director of the Division of Classification & Conservation at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, was passionate about wildlife conservation from an early age, so when she came to Bucknell, majoring in biology was an easy choice.

Portrait of Zenji Nakazawa ’89

Alumni Story

Zenji Nakazawa ’89, Economics and Japanese Studies

Zenji Nakazawa '89 serves the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as legal adviser to the FCC chairman on public safety, homeland security, consumer protection and enforcement issues.

Portrait of Cherie Malone '13

Alumni Story

Chérie Celeste Malone ’13, Film/Media Studies and German Studies

Chérie Celeste Malone ’13, who majored in film/media studies and German studies, is a Brooklyn-based actor with steady roles on stage and in TV and film.