Alumni Stories

Bucknellians are all over the world, pursuing their passions and creating change in countless different ways, but they can all trace their steps back here. Learn about the trails they've blazed and how Bucknell has helped them throughout their journey.

Jaylen Amaker wears a navy blue pinstripe suit with a white shirt and gray tie and glasses and smiles.

Alumni Story

Jaylen Amaker '15, Political Science and Economics

Jaylen Amaker '15 broadens his horizons by always seeking to learn from those around him.

portrait of Bonnie Limmer

Alumni Story

Bonnie Limmer '02, Classics and English — Literary Studies

Bonnie Limmer '02 works to identify and share information about cyber threats and vulnerabilities so organizations can safeguard themselves.

Kellen Haile stands in a factory-like setting wearing safety goggles and standing behind a large robotic arm.

Alumni Story

Kellen Haile '18, Mechanical Engineering

Kellen Haile '18 builds smarter robots and stronger communities.

portrait of Mike Molinet '07

Alumni Story

Mike Molinet '07, Mechanical Engineering

As the 2023 Walling Lecturer for the Freeman College of Management, Mike Molinet '07 offered advice on playing the long game.

Portrait of Lindsay Garfinkel on a rooftop

Alumni Story

Lindsay Garfinkel '19, Markets, Innovation & Design

Lindsay Garfinkel '19 credits her MIDE major and the holistic Bucknell experience for helping her find professional success.

Portrait of Anushka Mehrotra ’16

Alumni Story

Anushka Mehrotra '16, English – Creative Writing

Anushka Mehrotra '16 wrote the script for an award-winning dramatic web series that depicts one of the most significant events in Mumbai's recent history.

Portrait of Matt Kandler outside near a tree.

Alumni Story

Matt Kandler '10, Mechanical Engineering

Like most entrepreneurs, Matt Kandler '10 didn't succeed on his first try — and his failure led to his success.

Oompa Williams '14 leans on the hood of a yellow mustang showing a peace sign.

Alumni Story

Oompa Williams '14, English and Education

With a thriving presence in the Boston music scene, Oompa Williams '14 has used her art to become unbothered.

Portrait of Kelsey Herrmann

Alumni Story

Kelsey Herrmann '09, Mechanical Engineering

Kelsey Herrmann '09 is using the problem-solving skills she honed in Bucknell’s College of Engineering to orchestrate a critical mission for NASA's Artemis program — which launched a rocket to the moon in November 2022.

Alumni Brian Pei at his office sitting next to co-workers.

Alumni Story

Brian Pei ’13, Math and Economics

At Spotify, Brian Pei ’13 melds his affinity for data with his love of music.

Portrait of Suzanne Méjean Pinney ’03, art history

Alumni Story

Suzanne Méjean Pinney '03, Art History

Suzanne Méjean Pinney '03 transformed her love of storytelling into two LA Emmys.

Kendy Alvarez '06 poses outdoors

Alumni Story

Kendy Alvarez ’06, English

Following years of community engagement and leadership, Kendy Alvarez '06 became mayor of Lewisburg, Pa., in 2021.

Portrait of Margaret Graham '09

Alumni Story

Margaret Graham ’09, Art History and Creative Writing

A series of art courses at Bucknell opened up a whole new world for Margaret Graham ’09. Now, the creative writing and art history double-major organizes artist interview workshops, public talks, educational programming and more — all to foster critical discussions in modern art conservation.

Portrait of Angelica Crisi '01

Alumni Story

Angelica Crisi ’01, Sociology

Angelica Crisi '01 uses the lessons she learned in Bucknell sociology courses and the corner office to help businesses enhance diversity, equity and inclusion.

Portrait of Brian Stolarz '95

Alumni Story

Brian Stolarz ’95, Political Science and English

Brian Stolarz '95's decade-long journey to exonerate a death-row inmate is one of the remarkable true stories featured in a Netflix docuseries on criminal justice.

Rachel Gibson poses under a colonnade on the University of Virginia campus

Alumni Story

Rachel Gibson ’15, Accounting & Financial Management

Rachel Gibson '15's experience in Bucknell's Student Managed Investment Fund course led her to become the first female CEO of Darden Capital Management at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business.

Michael Tonge sits with his hands folded in front of his face and a desert landscape in the background

Alumni Story

Michael Tonge ’12, Sociology

Michael Tonge '12 champions Black art and creativity as the founder of The Culture LP.

Portrait of Audra Wilson ’94

Alumni Story

Audra Wilson ’94, International Relations and Spanish

Audra Wilson '94, who majored in international relations and Spanish, is president and CEO of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

Portrait of Leanne Archer

Alumni Story

Leanne Archer ’16, Markets, Innovation & Design

When Leanne Archer '16 began a new job managing the launch of Dove’s moisturizing hand sanitizer mid-pandemic, she tapped into skills honed at Bucknell to keep the brand soaring.

Portrait of Gissell Botero

Alumni Story

Gissell Botero Rodriguez ’19, Neuroscience

With tenacious research skills, natural curiosity and tireless compassion, Gissell Botero Rodriguez '19 helps develop the best treatment plan for cancer patients with the most complicated cases.