Faculty Stories

Our faculty is more than 360 strong, and each professor has a unique story to tell. Meet the passionate educators and scholars who will guide your journey as you pursue your intellectual passions.

Scott Meinke poses for portrait in front of bookshelf

Faculty Story

Scott Meinke, Political Science

Professor Scott Meinke, political science, studies how systems of American government work and challenges his students to explore how they might be improved.

Faculty Story

Professor Eric Martin, Management

Bucknell University Professor Eric Martin, management, studies international development and community change that cuts across the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

DeeAnn Reeder

Faculty Story

Professor DeeAnn Reeder, Biology

Bucknell University Professor DeeAnn Reeder, biology, is an authority on infectious disease ecology, including the white-nose disease that has devastated North American bat populations.

Angele Kingue

Faculty Story

Professor Angèle Kingué, French & Francophone Studies

For Bucknell Professor Angèle Kingué, French and Francophone studies, nothing is more important than communicating powerfully and effectively with others through her teaching, writing and mentoring.

Mark Haussmann

Faculty Story

Mark Haussmann, Biology

Professor Mark Haussmann, biology, partners with students to conduct and publish cutting-edge research on the links between stress and aging.

Portrait of Jimmy Chen

Faculty Story

Jimmy Chen, Management

Professor Jimmy Chen, management, investigates the influence of suppliers' allocation decisions and studies how retailers regulate their suppliers through vendor compliance programs.

Portrait of Joel Wade

Faculty Story

Joel Wade, Psychology

Professor T. Joel Wade, psychology, who studies human attraction and romantic relationships, finds that his teaching and research facilitate each other, which deepens his students' understanding while advancing his scholarship.

Portrait of Christopher Ellis

Faculty Story

Christopher Ellis, Political Science

Professor Christopher Ellis, political science, emphasizes appreciation of different perspectives and mastery of quantitative data analysis in his teaching, which frequently incorporates the creation and conducting of surveys.

Brantley Gasaway

Faculty Story

Brantley Gasaway, Religious Studies

Professor Brantley Gasaway, religious studies, places empathy and inquiry at the center of his courses on religion and American politics.

Portrait of Kate Suslava

Faculty Story

Kate Suslava, Management

Professor Kate Suslava, management, who once planned to study Italian dialects as a graduate student, merges linguistics and management in her current research.

Portrait of Katelyn Allers

Faculty Story

Katelyn Allers, Physics & Astronomy

Professor Katelyn Allers, physics & astronomy, trains her telescope on brown dwarves — small, free-floating planets that can be examined without interference from a parent star.

Portrait of Judy Grisel

Faculty Story

Judith Grisel, Psychology

Bucknell University Professor Judith Grisel, psychology, is a behavioral neuroscientist with a particular interest in addiction.

Eddy Ng

Faculty Story

Eddy Ng, Management

As a novice banker, Eddy Ng saw an injustice in his field. As a professor of management focusing on workplace diversity, he's helping to right it, and teaching his students to make their own workplaces more equitable and inclusive.

Portrait of Chinelo Okparanta

Faculty Story

Chinelo Okparanta, English

The real reward of writing, according to Professor Chinelo Okparanta, English, is sharing stories that connect us in meaningful ways.

Professor Erin Jablonski

Faculty Story

Erin Jablonski, Chemical Engineering

As Professor Erin Jablonski, chemical engineering, pursued her education and career in a male-dominated field, she has paid careful attention to factors that could undermine student success in grades K-12.

Portrait of Neil Boyd

Faculty Story

Neil Boyd, Management

Professor Neil Boyd, management, teaches his students that organizational sustainability must balances three bottom lines: financial, environmental and social.

Portrait of Erica Delsandro

Faculty Story

Erica Delsandro, Women’s & Gender Studies

Professor Erica Delsandro , women's & gender studies, routinely shakes up her students' understanding of social constructs such as race, gender and sexuality — often by helping them view the world through the lens of literature produced in the late-19th and early-20th centuries.

Portrait of Beeta Baghoolizadeh

Faculty Story

Beeta Baghoolizadeh, History and Africana Studies

As a professor of history and Africana studies, Beeta Baghoolizadeh teaches her students that even official records have an editorial viewpoint that has been curated to emphasize some facts and leave out others.

Portrait of Sarah Lower

Faculty Story

Sarah Lower, Biology

Professor Sarah Lower, biology, studies the connections between the genetics of fireflies and the history of their evolution in different environments.

Portrait of Thomas Kinnaman

Faculty Story

Thomas Kinnaman, Economics

Professor Thomas Kinnaman, economics, isn’t afraid to challenge prevailing beliefs about environmental issues and policies, even if the data contradicts popular pro-environmental opinion.