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Episode 42: The Residential vs. Commuter Experience

May 2, 2022

You know the familiar movie scene: A family car pulls up to a cluster of old brick buildings and out jumps a bright eyed-student and their parents. After a drawn-out, emotional goodbye the family car drives off, leaving the student to start this exciting new chapter in their life called "college."

Plenty of first-year students will experience a move-in day like on the Silver Screen. But many others won't, opting to live away from campus and commute to their school instead.

In this episode, we're decoding the distinction between the commuter student experience and traditional residential life — from resources commuter students should look for at a school to the value of living and learning on a college campus.

Our guests are Bucknell's director of residential education Jackie Cetera and community director Ke' Sims. Jackie works to cultivate a supportive living experience and facilitate learning and growth for students in residence halls. Ke' actually lives on campus among the students as a professional staff member, developing opportunities that enhance academic success, community engagement and so much more.

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Episode 42: The Residential vs. Commuter Experience

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