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Episode 53: Financial Aid Series, Pt. II: How to Apply for Financial Aid

October 31, 2022

The choice to attend college isn’t just one decision. It’s a whole matrix of considerations, each one a crucial part of the journey to pressing submit on an application form. Perhaps, none is more important than the ability to finance your education.

Today, we’re diving into part two of our financial aid series on College Admissions Insider: how to apply for financial aid.

In this episode, we're breaking down acronyms like FAFSA and CSS, discovering just how student’s financial aid package is calculated, and chatting a bit about how the process might differ for students of various family structures and circumstances.

Our guests are two experts from Bucknell's Office of Financial aid: Erin Wolfe, the interim director of Bucknell financial aid office; and Jamie Lowthert, the associate director for financial aid.

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Episode 53

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