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Episode 54: Financial Aid Series, Pt. III: Accepting a Financial Aid Offer

November 14, 2022

If there's anything we know about securing financial aid at college, it's that it can be a pretty complex process. That's why we've dedicated the past few episodes of College Admissions Insider to outlining each aspect of the financial aid process to help you and your family fund your dream education.

Today, we're rounding out our discussion on financial aid by chatting about what happens after your financial aid offer has been calculated. How do you find out what you've been awarded? How do you accept an offer? What should you keep in mind when finalizing your payment? We're diving into all of that and more

Our guests are two experts from Bucknell's Office of Financial aid: Erin Wolfe, the interim director of Bucknell financial aid office; and Jamie Lowthert, the associate director for financial aid.

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Episode 54

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