The Honors Program at Bucknell University is designed to encourage intellectual independence and to recognize academic excellence. This program is started during the student's penultimate year.

Many academic departments and programs offer honors for students majoring in those areas of study. Typical programs involve independent study under the supervision of an adviser which results in the completion of an honors thesis, may include a creative project, and culminates in an oral examination by a faculty committee.

Acceptance into the Bucknell Honors Program is determined by the student's written proposal and overall academic record in their major. The standard GPA for nomination to the program is 3.5 either overall or in major. Students with a GPA below 3.5 may be nominated to the program and the Nomination Letter from research advisor(s) should provide information about extenuating circumstances in the student's background and evaluate the student's academic background and ability to complete the thesis. Each student nominated to the Honors Program should have the support of two faculty members (one may be Bucknell Affiliated Staff) in the students major.

Students who successfully complete the Honors Program will graduate with honors, a distinction noted at graduation and printed on their transcripts.