Everyone wants to know the identity of the infamous Ray Bucknell. And only you can show them.

@iamraybucknell is Bucknell's student- and alumni-run Instagram account. Followers will see what it's like to be a Bucknellian through the eyes of students and alumni who take turns hosting the account for a week at a time.

Each Monday, someone new will take over @iamraybucknell and spend the week showing the world what it's like to be a Bucknellian.

Do you want to be Ray Bucknell?

First, follow @iamraybucknell on Instagram.

Then fill out the Google form to tell us why you want to be Ray Bucknell.

We'll be in touch to schedule a week for you to host and talk about content guidelines. You'll get the password to @iamraybucknell the Monday morning of your week!